Video released of York Assault

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Found here.  It's not pretty to watch, and York blindsides the guy.  After seeing this, I have a hard time seeing him back on this team.  Very cowardly.  



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From MLive's article:

The victim appears to have not known the punch was coming. It knocked out a tooth and broke his jaw in three places, requiring it to be wired shut and necessitating the temporary use of a breathing tube, according to the police report, which was obtained along with the video via a Freedom of Information Act request.

Also, it's infront of Skeeps - the tents are from Art Fair.


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sorry that i don't put much emphasis on capitalization, and proper sentence structure on an online forum. now if you want me to write you up a paper i will take extra time to make sure it is proper.

as for the content. you may not like it, but it is still the truth. if york gets seperated from Michigan. Dantonio will be there waiting with roses and chocolates. i don't care really about my mgopoints they are just fun coupons.


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explain how i make UM fan's "looks" stupid by pointing out that Dantonio would have no problem with picking up York if he were to be seperated from the University?

as for anyone else downvote if you want, but i don't care if you don't find this insightful or uplifiting. it wasn't meant to be.


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I am a huge believer in giving kids a hard task at a 2nd chance. This one is pretty ugly though. What we saw there was pretty sick. I trust Brady to do what's right for the program and right for this situation. Michigan does not need this kid. But that is not the question. I believe Brady looks at this and says. "can I help him and at what cost". And the Dantonio shit is BS. He is a smug a-hole but he is not tolerating shit like this.


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literally shaking my head at this comment.  to typecast the entire MSU team as a team that builds its roster off of an affinity for players with assault records, following one of our own committing an assault, is just plain classless.  As a UM fan, i don't want to be associated with comments that similarly apply a blanket stereotype of ignorance on us all.


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uhh...give me a break, not long ago felons and MSU jokes were hand in hand...give your high horse a rest, he needs grain and water...jeez. I wonder why 'UM FANS GET A BAD NAME' with such free flowing arrogance. I had a good laugh at it, because, deep know his statement caries some weight. Dantonio wasn't above recruiting anyone a few years that they seemingly own our sorry asses...the game has changed. Get over yourselves already.


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This is damning. I don't think the guy turned his head towards C'sonte at all. He could have killed him.  I understand maintaining an indefinite suspension while the legal situation plays out, but in no way should this guy remain on the team. 

Ron Utah

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This was obviously a horrible crime, and the legal situation will play itself out.  I, however, hope that after York has served his punishment, if he is contrite, that he gets a second chance.

He sucker-punched a guy.  It was an awful decision, but it was made in the moment by a young kid.  If he is willing to work his way back onto the team, after the legal system has meted out justice, AND he's been suspended for at least a year, I am okay with it.

True Blue Grit

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IMO, this was just too violent of an act against another human that resulted in great bodily harm to justify a 2nd chance - at least at Michigan.  If some other program is willing to take a chance on him, so be it.  But part of him paying the price for this poor decision needs to be losing his opportunity forever to wear the Maize and Blue. 


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Hoke did give a second chance to Clark after his felony arrest- only missed one game if I remember correctly.  Not to mention the Gibson scandal. Hoke lying about his status really turned me off.  Saying he was missing a game for a "family issue" when he was actually kicked out of school for rape is pretty low.

So the precendent is there for him to be suiting up again.  Of course, some delusional fans will still use this opportunity to take shots at Sparty.  He should be kicked off the team, no question.  And I'm sure some will argue to let the justice system play out, but look at what Meyer is doing at OSU.  Someone there gets in trouble and they're off the team- unless the charges are reduced.

Ron Utah

August 12th, 2014 at 6:23 PM ^

I see what you're saying, and I don't think those calling for expulsion and dismissal are "wrong," I just disagree, and only slightly.

I'm saying IF the legal system allows York to reduce the charge/sentence--which they are more likely to do if he is truly contrite--and IF he serves his sentence, and IF the university doesn't expel him, and IF Hoke determines that it was just a bad, bad mistake, and IF York works, works, works his way back onto the team, if all of those big "IF"s play out in the kid's favor, he should get a second chance.

If we hadn't seen the video and just heard that York had punched a kid in the face, I seriously doubt we'd all be calling for his head.  Yes, he hit the kid hard.  Yes, it was an awful decision.  But it was a split second decision by a kid who thought his friend might be in danger.  I'm not defending York, because I don't know what was/is in his heart, but if he can prove that it was just a bad moment and he's learned his lesson--and that's a lot of hoops to jump through--I'd rather see him graduate from Michigan and play football again and have a positive impact on decisions that other kids might make.

I'm not saying go soft on him, I'm just saying I wouldn't rule out completely the idea of having him back on the team.  And you're right, that's just my opinion.

Blues Note

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Why does the legal situation have to play out? Does Hoke not know right from wrong without the legal system making a decision for him.

Hoke can only look like Nuss's placeholder if he does not act now that video has been made public.

If Hoke has seen the video and has only suspended York, the suspending Hoke should also be considered.


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Sad sad sad.  It wasn't even spur of the moment.  He lined him up...waited a second..then hit him.  Just dumb.  Lucky the person he attacked did not get hurt even more.


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Not that I condone what York did or calling out your comment in particular but I'm confused why people are so anti York getting a second chance and ok with Glasgow playing this year. Driving drunk is a crazy serious thing and more people are killed by drunk drivers than punching. I personally think Glasgow and York should both be done for the year and see how they reform themselves. Just confused by the different responses.


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shows that in situations like this, people typically internalize and personalize the situation.


For me, (and I'm assuming most on this board), there have been a couple times I've driven when I probably should not have.  So naturally, people with this experience tend to lighten up on the emotional response to first time offenders when there isn't a victim.


I've never sucker punched another human being.


Victims play a role; there is no face/story to go with the Glasgow DUI b/c he didn't hit, hurt, or kill anyone as far as I know.  York put a dude in a hospital and that guy won't eat normally for several weeks and is living life in constant pain.


I'm not totally offended as a citizen by the 1 game suspension for Glasgow, but also would not have been upset if it were 2-3 (b/c again, no victims and he's of age).  On the other hand, I'm not totally opposed to a HC telling his players, "You're off the team for this list of infractions..." and some of those being DUI and getting caught on video sucker punching someone.


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I get that but failing to hit someone while driving drunk doesn't mean it isn't dangerous .  I get that this is how the justice system works, if you shoot at someone and miss you get a different punishment than if you hit them.  My issue isn't with york being suspended for a year, its with glasgow not being suspended for more than 1 game and the fact that everyone is saying he should have a second chance but York shouldn't.  They both made a mistake but one man will have a chance to come back from it and another will not and its not like the mistake glasgow made is less severe, it is more dangerous both to him and society than York.  If you had to ask me which person I would want living on my block it would be York.  

Really what I'm getting at is I think glasgow deserved a harsher punishment and if you think he deserves a second chance at Michigan than I think York should get one too.


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Curious as to why this sentence was included at all:


A breath test revealed York had a blood alcohol content of .057, which is below the legal limit to drive.

When 1) York is 20 years old and 2) they fled on foot.


August 12th, 2014 at 3:46 PM ^

That makes sense.

But the article also said the police didn't catch up with him until like 6 a.m., right? So that number is from at least a few hours after the incident actually occurred, which means he probably was pretty hammered when this happened. I'm not trying to imply anything here, the details are just a little confusing.



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I think it's relevant insofar as it shows that he was relatively sober. He couldn't blame it on too much to drink. And he was obviously sober enough to throw a hard punch. Reference to the legal limit is so that people can assess his relative sobriety to a standard they understand, I think.