VIDEO: Offense/Defense Every Snap vs. OSU, Offense vs. Iowa

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The every snap was in Seth's post, but in case you didn't read that or want it to have its own thread for archival purposes- BAM

Here's the Defense

Every Snap Offense vs. Iowa

Since this is already a sort of potpourri of information, and since I didn't see it anywhere, I'd also like to congratulate our own Bisbino on the birth of a his first-born child last Thursday. I plan on celebrating this era of good feelings by flooding the MGoBoard with videos of sexy, NSFW politicians discussing the dismissal of Al Borges. 



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I didn't think the play calling was that bad in the 2nd half after watching it another time.  There were a combination of things that just went wrong.  Bad field position due to an excellent punt, killer holding penalties, dropped passes, fumbles, etc. are what killed us.  Of course, I don't think that running Vincent Smith up the middle on 3rd and short is a good idea, and I'm not sure why Borges thought it was, but I think that's the only glaring problem I have with the play calling.

OSU just made plays when it mattered, and that was the difference.


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When you watch the second half on UM's first 3 or 4 possessions, with the exception of Denard's fumble, the first and second down plays either produced a first down or set UM up with 3rd and 3 yds or less.  They just never converted the 3rd downs and on the first drive also failed to convert the 4th down.  It wasn't like they weren't having success on 1st and 2nd down.  Part of the reason the number of plays and yds gained was so low in the second half was UM's inability to convert 3rd downs and string drives together. 


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Awesome, thanks! (And thank you to goblue85, as well.)

Apparently I was confused by the "Senior Day Feature" title, because I require the most explicit instruction possible at all times. (Case in point, try as I might to follow that recipe, my Tollhouse cookies always turn out too cakey.)