Video: Notre Dame Spring Game Every Snap

Submitted by Thorin on April 22nd, 2012 at 3:53 PM

Yes, I'm that obsessed. '87-'90 left deep scars. Four in a row would be huge. If we played them yesterday, we would have won. They have no idea who their QB is, we have senior Denard. Their best chance to win would be to play to their defense, ball control offense, huddle, feed Cierre Wood about 50 carries, and have no turnovers. That's not what Brian Kelly does. Also, their best WR is a TE and they have no CBs.

EDIT: damefan1 just 'liked' the 1st half video on youtube. Glad to hear he's still out there, suffering.

Potty mouth:

1st Half (normal clock rules, audio is a bit out of sync):

2nd Half (running clock, downloaded straight from their official site but seems to be complete):



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Skill or the lack of skill by the defense. I saw a lot of missed tackles on D. The Domers feel confident in the D line, not so confident in the secondary. They're thinking that Golson will start, but Kelly's been giving some indications that it won't be Golson. Getting the plays off in time will also be a big problem for ND this year.


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I also agree that we would have won.  However, we need to factor in that much of their starting defense did not play very much, similar to our situation with Denard and Fitz during our spring game.  This contributed to how bad some of their play was.


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Overall it looked like the defense wasnt the most impressive but i will give credit to the offense which looked very very fast.   Golston,  Riddick,  and Atkinson impressed me.  Golston should be the starter and looks to have a bright future. (glad we have Mattison)  There offensive line also scares me.  Campbell and pipkins need to be solid when we play them.  


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they both look more comfortable as slot receivers instead of tailbacks.  Atkinson looks a little tall and thin to be  a full timer at tailback.  But you can tell he's much more explosive than Wood who isn't exactly slow.  Wood is the most expierenced and all around back.  


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Ishaq Williams (barring the ridiculous late hit; gold on gold crime!!)




All receivers not named Riddick



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I would like Michigan's chances if the game was played in the spring as well.  Hoping Kelly can coach 'em up between now and September...he's going to need to with our schedule.

A few thoughts from an ND fan perspective:

  • I really hope Golson is the starter.  I would imagine its easier to teach a QB to get the playcall in on time and take snaps than it is to teach someone how to be a playmaker.  
  • Rees didn't look improved at all in the game despite talk of him being head and shoulder above the rest.  Hendrix seems to lack the instincts for the position despite his tools, although the only thing that can improve that is PT.
  • I think the RBs and OL will be very good in 2012, probably the best they've been in years.  Eifert should be a beast and they will line him up all over like they did yesterday.
  • WRs have a long way to go, right now I would just say they are just serviceable.  A playmaking QB like Golson could make them better.
  • Not too worried about the defensive front, Te'o didn't play hardly at all, lots of backups out there.  The DL could have been outstanding with Lynch, will probably be very good but not great without him.
  • Safeties should be solid and everyone is really high on Bennett Jackson at one corner.  I was actually encouraged by the play of Lo Wood and J. Atkinson, neither looked great but they weren't as bad as I feared they would be.

Will be interesting to see what Kelly does with the QB positions.  I was originally thinking Rees would be the starter and one of Hendrix/Golson would get snaps, and then inserted into the starting lineup once Rees struggled against better competition.  If Rees looks like he did yesterday and the last few games last year, I think Kelly has to make Golson or Hendrix the starter, Rees just can't make plays and is a turnover machine, a bad combination.


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My prediction: ND's offense will be slightly worse than ours. ND's defense will be slightly worse than ours. Will this be enough to win in SB? Only slightly.


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I was on campus for the 89-93 games, and our record was 1-2-1 coming off that 4-in-a-row skid that traumatized my older brother and left "deep scars" on me as well. 'Eff 'em and their "God wills it.." victories. The big guy upstairs has really had a bad run for the last 20 years if they still believe that b.s.

In my dream world we beat them this year and cancel the series for eternity. I thought maybe the 'Bama game would mitigate any economic fallout of such a dream fulfilled but it looks like we are going to at best break even with a band-less appearance. Oh well. Maybe Stephen Ross will buy out the contract with the right incentive.

Go Blue! F ND.