Perkis-Size Me

March 21st, 2013 at 7:46 PM ^

Love watching these drills. If there is one thing Hoke will leave his mark in before his time is done here, its that his teams will be physical, and they will hit hard. And damn do Pip and Lewan look good. Bosch looking pretty solid, too.

Blue in Yarmouth

March 22nd, 2013 at 7:45 AM ^

what the hell are you inferring here? Somehow that Canadians are all weak? If that's the case I have to wonder what (if any) exposure you have had with Canadians.

You know, I come to this site for the football content but I have to say that some of the anti-Canadian crap I hear on a fairly frequent basis really pisses me off. You can flamebait me all you want, but if I came here talking shit about Americans I can imagine how that would go over. The thing is though, that would never happen because I am repsectfult enough, and smart enough to know that you can't paint an entire nation (or its inhabitants) with the same brush. 

I have had many encounters with Americans that were jackasses. I've also encountered many that couldn't take a hit (playing hockey) if their lives depended on it. Does that mean Americans are jackasses that can't play hockey? No, which is why I wouldn't make such ignorant comments, but if posters on this blog feel comfortable shouting their ignorance for all the blog to see I guess that's their perogative (and I'll still shout my objections, flamebait be damned because that's my Country your throwing insults at).


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Doctors in Canada have removed a knife blade from a man's back more than three years after he was stabbed in a fight.

Billy McNeely of the Northwest Territories told local media he had suffered itching and minor pain but did not know the blade was still embedded.


Happy, Blue in Yarmouth?



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I also had my shoulder completely

messed up in Canada while beating one of the top teams when I was in high school I couldn't play for almost 14 months. This was done by a French Canadian who couldn't handle loosing and me scoring 4 goals. I think it comes from being close neighbors like Michigan and Ohio. The fact that we interact with one another on a daily basis. It might just be playful fun teasing one another. I think you're gettin all bent outta shape on this one champ.


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Pipkins and Lewan looked great.  I really hope Pipkins brings that intensity this year.  We need a tough penetrator in the middle like that.  Who was that talking to Gallon?...DB #7?  Must be Hollowell, Richardson, or Douglas.  Good stuff, that's a fun drill to watch.

Mr. Yost

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If Ondre isn't ready to contribute, I must not know a lick about football. MY GOD that man got after it.

Sidenote, anyone here someone yell "GOOD SHIT!!!"


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Yeah, I have heard some coach talk already in the spring about the need for more competition.  Here is the evidence.  This is what Hoke et al. think we need to win tough road games.  It's good to see the kids respond.  I hope we keep up it and start to get some confidence & toughness...but keep it clean.


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Not surprising Lewan was the best offensive lineman in the video, Bars and Godin lined up twice against each other that I saw and Mattison liked what Godin did. Kyle Bosche went 3 times, against PeeWee, Richard Ash, and James Ross. Nice to see an EE take on the most reps, still Ash beat him, and Pipkins flat out owned him. Washington did well against Ben Braden, which, you know, he should've. Kalis did respectably against Jibreel Black. The Glasgow brothers squared off, they were evenly matched, lol. There was a Ringer sighting near the end, and Willie Henry and Jack Miller are both good at staying low, lol. 


March 21st, 2013 at 9:37 PM ^

Good to hear some football out there. I liked how fired up the defense was getting, especially after the big plays by Pipkins and QWash (I believe).

Godin looked good on his rep as well, I think he has a good chance at being a solid SDE. Not neccesarily a playmaker, but a good who is good at holding the edge and knowing his assignment.

Either way, good thing we got a good basketball team or I would be even more pumped for football season.


March 21st, 2013 at 9:38 PM ^

I thought Kyle Bosch looked fantastic... It wouldn't shock me to see him compete for that open guard spot.

Even in the reps he 'lost' (which were still pretty close, IMO), he really cracked the guy... Physically, he looks a mirror image of Kalis...

Also, I believe the talk of LTT losing all that weight...Looks like him trimmed down a ton...

Ross Douglas looks a lot bigger than I thought, and I think all the DT's looked good...

I am excited...


March 21st, 2013 at 9:54 PM ^

1. Lewan dominates Heitzman (tough draw for Heitzman)
2. Bolden nice contact and tackle vs. Gunderson
3. Mateus beats Mike Jones
4. Strobel and Pliska stalemate
5. T. Gordon beats (a pretty good sized) Darboh
6. J. Miller beats Henry
7. Desmond Morgan really pops Burzynski, wins easily
8. Godin does really well vs. Bars - great knee bend, leg strength, makes the tackle
9. RJS is too skinny. Maybe they should RS him this year
10. Reynolds vs. Jarrod Wilson, not bad either way
11. Glasgow vs. Glasgow in the meh battle of the day
12. Kalis vs. Black and I'm going to give that to Kalis
13. Ross vs. Bosch probably goes to Bosch, but Ross is physicalness  
14. Tulley-Tillman vs. Liesman (?) that LTT wins by default (looks thin though)
15. Gallon vs. Douglas in the chippiest match of the day
16. Pipkins is your 3T
17. QW beats Braden convincingly
18. Wormley vs. Mateus; Wormley looks a little slow off the line
19. Taco Charlton vs. Esterline, Taco looks quick off the line, big, and active
20. Bosch vs. Ash that I thought clearly went to Ash, but everyone happy with Bosch
21. Gunderson vs. Ringer meh
22. Godin vs. Bars and again I like Godin - stays low, seems strong
23. RJS is too skinny


March 22nd, 2013 at 9:13 AM ^

This is true, but I seem to remember one of the concerns with Wormley in terms of ratings was "lack of aggression, explosion".  He's only a RS freshman and it's ridiculous to draw a conclusion based on one rep, but he's getting a lot of spring ball hype (and had it even at last season's Fall camp before the injury).  But short of saying we have no data to draw conclusions at all - and what fun is that - this one rep is some of the best/only info. we have on Wormley and his current progress.  The knee injury could certainly be affecting him, but some might look at that video and see the same decent-but-unspectacular tendencies they saw in HS film.


March 22nd, 2013 at 9:54 AM ^

I'm not going to assume very much from one clip, but yes, there were concerns about him getting off the ball in high school.  That was something that Josh Helmholdt mentioned, which is why his Rivals rating was lower; it was also something I noticed on his film as an upperclassman.  His sophomore film showed a guy who got off the ball really well and went hard, but something changed between then and now.  Of course, the ACL injury could be a part of it, too.  That's why this one clip doesn't mean a whole lot - it could have been his only bad rep the whole day, or his knee could have flared up a little bit.


March 22nd, 2013 at 5:20 PM ^

I know what you're saying, but he's still only 6 month removed from ACL surgery, so even if he was the most explosive kid ever in high school, he'd still look less explosive right now between his knee being <100% and likely being a bit out of shape/over weight from being off his feet for so long.  

That, and I think all the positive hype about him since being on campus probably negates the negative stuff from HS.  

Michael Scarn

March 21st, 2013 at 10:04 PM ^

Does Hecklinski call Douglas a "little ass boy" after he gets tied up with Gallon?  Sure sounds like his voice.  Like the fire of a coach showing respect when his position players dominate in practice.