Video of LSU RB Jeremy Hill Sucker Punch Released

Submitted by Bigfoot on July 12th, 2013 at 5:10 PM

Came across this video of LSU RB Jeremy Hill teeing off on a defenseless drunk student at LSU. He seems like a pretty good candidate for Aaron Hernandez 2.0. His sentence for the sucker punch: $350 fine, 50 hours community service, and an apology note. It also seems like he may or may not have raped a 14 year old whie in high school... If I was a student at LSU I would be wearing hockey equipment when I went out at night. Link



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with basketball and hockey sprinkled in. We have a forum where we mostly talk about Michigan stuff but sometimes talk about other relevant stuff like other college football items outside of Michigan football. That's what it has to do with MGoBlog

I don't know why people are getting whinier and whinier about OT posts. We're only a few dumb posters away from questioning "Does Devin Gardner being a counselor at Peyton Manning's football camp REEAAALLLLY have to be on MGoBlog? I mean it didn't even happen in Ann Arbor"

Creedence Tapes

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Dude, this is the second post to feature voyeuristic violence today that has nothing to do with Michigan athletics. I don't get why people want to see some guy get sucker punched or some poor fool geting gored in the nads on MGoBlog. Not sure how you think this is at all like a post about Deving Gardner hanging with Peyton Manning at a football camp.


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It's a college football related post during the offseason. Sure, this doesn't have anything directly to do with Michigan, but I think it is interesting that someone who plays for a guy who has ties to our university and had a realistic shot to be our head coach at least once during the last 6 or so years is in trouble for some violent incident (which is also not his first).


Also, also: I guess I must have missed the second post you are referring to about groin injury.


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Unless you've got a Hello post or some new Swag Mattison for me, I will gladly accept this topic since it's fairly relevant to college football at large. It has basically nothing to do with MGoBlog except that a lot of us here find decent topics about other teams to be interesting during the long boring summers of the offseason


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I don't understand why the second guy wasn't charged with attempted murder, a la Ausar Walcott. That was a violent, dangerous, gratuitous, blind-side punch to a completely overmatched victim.


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And it's easy to imagine from the video that the guy had just picked himself up from a fight he'd actually been a part of and was lumbering towards whoever had knocked him down the first time. So I can imagine the following reason not to charge Hill with attempted murder: you can see his actions as helping to finish a willingly entered fight. It's still clearly criminal, IMO, but I don't wonder why he wasn't charged with attempted murder. (I could be convinced that I should wonder about that, but I haven't been yet.)

The second guy's actions are on a whole different level of heinous violence.


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If you're a divison 1 running back, and you get a shot at a full wind-up sucker punch, and the guy only just wobbles, aren't you then the loser? I mean, you spend all that time in the weight room and can't knock a guy down with a sucker punch? That's probably why he doesn't get in real fights, I imagine it wouldn't go well (unless he had his bros there to throw a few sucker punches)

kevin holt

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I don't know anything about this kid, or his status on the depth chart. I know this is probably not the time to bring it up and is a stretch but here goes:

If he gets dropped, does that affect our chances with Fournette due to a shorter depth chart at RB?

I feel stupid just asking this question.


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God, that video just pisses me off to no end.  Besides the assulting a defenseless person angle, the fact that they all act like they're sooo super awesome for sucker punching a kid who's not even looking is just the worst.  No person will ever have my respect for thinking anything other than shame for a sucker punch.


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Is this wrong that I think this should be added to his punishment?

The judge is about to sentence Jeremy Hill "The verdict is in. You have been sentenced to...."

And Jeremy Hill gets sucker punched by Mike Tyson from behind and the judge and Tyson dance around the middle of the court room high-fiving eachother.


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What a fuckin chump. This is how a stupid situation goes from bad to worse. If the kid who gets sucker punched is leagally carrying a gun he has every right to defend himself, whats the story then?


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Why, exactly, should we compare these thugs to a kid who got murdered while walking home, oh wise race-baiting one?

[NB: this is a heavily edited version of a much more appropriate response.]

Clarence Beeks

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For what it's worth, the entire theory of the defense's case is that a kid who was legally carrying a gun got sucker punched and had every right to defend himself under Florida law because he reasonably believed that he was at risk of great bodily harm. Pretty much exactly what the poster you were responding to said.


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Even if dude had a gun, you can't just shoot someone to avoid getting punched. You have to reasonably believe your life or someone else's life is in danger (or at risk of serious harm). You're going to jail if you get punched and respond by shooting the guy who hit you, concealed carry license or not


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Seems right, but Louisiana is also pretty gun-friendly.  For example, if the guy just hopped into his car, he would have much more latitude to use his gun to protect himself and his car.  [Note: I'm not a Louisiana lawyer, but I've copied and pasted the below from for reference.]

Justified Use of Force and Deadly Force:

In Louisiana a person is allowed to use force or violence against another for the purposes of preventing a forcible offense against the person or property in the person’s possession. This justification does not apply if the use of force or violence results in death. Use of force or violence that results in death is only allowed in the following situations:

  • when committed in self-defense by one who reasonably believes that he is in imminent danger or losing his life or receiving great bodily harm.
  • when committed for the purpose of preventing a violent or forcible felony involving danger to life or great bodily harm.
  • when committed by the occupant of a dwelling, place of business or motor vehicle, against a person who is reasonably believed to be using force to unlawfully gain entry. Louisiana law creates a presumption that a person is justified in using deadly force in the protection of themselves if the perpetrator is unlawfully, forcibly entering their occupied dwelling, place of business or motor vehicle. Louisiana law also allows a person to defend a third-party if the third-party would have been justified in defending themselves. Also, a person is under no duty to retreat from their dwelling, place of business or motor vehicle. It does not appear that a person could use deadly force in the protection of property alone, where the person did not feel that there was a reasonable threat of death or great bodily harm.


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Well, if he were to get hit again once he hit the pavement he could lose his life.  How can you say that someone else does or does not feel in danger?  Granted, dude was wasted so his perception is way off.  But if he got up and told them to knock it off, and they came at him again... all bets would be off no?

kevin holt

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No. Definitely no. You're missing the "reasonably believe" part. Alcohol doesn't allow you to say your belief was skewed and in fact hurts your case. The jury isn't going to buy that for a second.

You could try to say you thought you might fall and hit your head and it would kill you, I guess. Again that's probably not a reasonable belief and deadly force would not be privileged.

Also you have to retreat in most states (if you can and aren't in your home). Not sure about Louisiana.

Tl;Dr don't shoot a guy for punching you


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Some comments from Tiger Droppings.  It's a shame that loyalty to a team can so easily destroy any sense of deceny.


looks like he was just defending his friend who was getting attacked 

Sucker punch but not as bad as I thought. The dude got right back up.

Looks like the guy was already in a fight. Hill runs in front of him and punches him. Main sucker punch was the second guy. The "decking him from behind" reports were a big over exageration.

I'm sure way worst happens every weekend in college bars.

Couple things; 1. wasnt a sucker punch he was in front of the guy. 2. The celebration was not nearly as bad as lead to believe

It's just a 30 second clip and it looks like there was more going down before Hill's punch

I tried telling y'all the video wasn't bad

If you start the fight, you deserve to get wht you get. 

So let me get this straight....the guy who is outside of a bar drunk and clearly trying to egg on more of a fight is the victim?

White and blacks were cheering when the guy got hit and knocked down. What does that tell you?

Theres two sides to every story and theres a 30 second clip.

I can't believe charges were files for such a pussy arse fight.

this is so stupid... this happens EVERY NIGHT at the bars... 



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Can we not compare a kid who suckerpunched someone to a guy awaiting trial for murder?

Especially given our own history with players beating up randoms people (St. Patricks Day Nerd Massacre anyone?)