VIDEO: Hoke Presser, Borges and Mattison Interviews, Luncheon, Bowling

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But guys, we have Mealer in the middle. The kid dominated the NWOAL at Wauseon HS. Oh, wait, I went to a NWOAL school and the biggest one has about 125 kids per graduating class. (All non-deserved and surefire negbomb comments aside, I know that accident corner too well. Drove by it 1,000 times. Very sad story but, hate me all you want, he wasn't Michigan caliber before the accident. That is half the issue here in that everyone blames the previous staff for everything but the late Carr era OL recruiting was just piss poor. Seemingly took any kid who would come and most never made it here before getting hurt, were MAC caliber to begin with or overrated. Add the all-around attrition during the RR era and here we are. Vincent Smith up the middle on 3rd and 3 with an OL where our best lineman is vastly overrated, IMO. osu true Freshman were kicking his ass all day. No push by any of them. Just not yet the team we want to be or that can go VS up the gut on 3rd and anything. Yet, we'll do it.)


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He must have totally faked out Rivals then, in addition to Carr.  Rivals had him as the #213 player overall (4 star).  He was #14 in Ohio, ahead of guys like Roy Roundtree, Jerel Worthy and Whitney Mercilus.  It's not like we beat out Alabama and USC for Mealer, but if Ohio didn't get early commitments from three 5-star OL, I'm sure they would have offered him.  

I agree that Carr's recruiting waned a bit at the end, but I'm not sure Mealer is the example you should be making.


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Having watched him and, again, played against the very teams he did I can say with complete assurance that he would have never gotten an osu offer regardless. At best he would have maybe gotten a Pre-NSD offer if they absolutely needed a "sure thing commit" on the OL in a panic.
I had a friend go on to play and start on the OL in the ACC. He almost got drafted and he came from an NWOAL school that I also went to. If Mealer was a 4 star coming out (IIRC, his ratings were bumped after he picked us like many low ranked kids) than my friend was a 6 star. Mealer lined up across from kids who roughly averaged 5-11 170 lbs. Again, went to an NWOAL school. Played Wauseon, Archbold, Delta, etc. Tiny schools. Dont let the tape fool you. He was a MAC level kid. Yet, I like HIM and his family. Just no way he would have gotten offered a few years prior or by those that preceded Carr. Glad you at least recognize that much (in regard to late Carr OL recruiting taking a nose dive).


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Truth hurts and I agree. Still can't believe THAT osu team went undefeated and we......"let 'em off the hook". They had no defense for most of the year and were as much "Braxton or Bust" as we have been Denard. Yet, we keep him largely in check and decide to not play HS level offense in the 2nd half basically forcing our defense to post a shutout against a prototype urban QB. I'm still sour over that game as well. Wasn't calling for heads like many but left me scratching my head, for sure. Might as well have come out and punted on 1st down the entire 2nd half. Want to wait to see what Borges can do with Gardner/Morris before stringing him up but he is definitely in the negative right now. F'n handed them that game when our defense played about as well as you could ask against that coach with that QB and our players. Silver lining? I think our defense under GMatt will always keep us in a game vs an urban coached team. We'll just have to show up with an offense and we didn't do that this year.


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Even in bowling, Devin Gardner has a great competitive spirit, it seems, promising to come back strong on Tuesday  following a well-fought ten frames. The icy glare he gave the South Carolina defensive tackle was classic too. "Keep laughing, keep laughing...see you Tuesday...", it said. 

I got a chuckle out of listening to Lewan talk about Denard, but I did like what he said about the 2009 class that came in - they've been through a lot and have more or less bonded almost as a family in a way, with many electing to stay through all the changes. I think it says much about the sense of community and teamwork in that locker room. 



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It's nice to see the friendly interaction between South Carolina and Michigan players. During the 2012 Sugar Bowl it seemed like the VT and UM teams were somewhat kept apart, and had separate visits to the local hospital, bowling alley, and luncheons. Well, I'm really looking forward to watching the Outback Bowl. This should be a great matchup with fine young men on both teams. New Year's Day can't come soon enough.  


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Anybody really think norfleet is going to actually get some PT at CB in bowl game? Can't really be good if a player has only been plaing CB at this level in practice for about a month, yet could see playing time against a 10 win SEC Hollowelll still with the team?


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Al borges said devin made bad mistakes in the 2nd half........ Fat ass borges made the damn mistakes i want him out. Borges needs to go dammit he scrwed us over in the ohio game. horrible man fat pos meatball borges