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We are all M supporters and I like Hoke as much as the next guy, but anybody who says he's doing anything other than exploiting the players injuries to alter the oppositions preparation is fooling themselves. Hoke had both Denard and Bellomy dress for the last game.  He knew neither would play but had them both as a "gametime decision."  Now it looks like Bellomy is out for the year and Denard could be as well.  We all know Denard's elbow is injured.  Is he really being coy about the injury to "protect" the player?  How so?


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This Hoke injury thing has been a hot button issue on this blog recently. I just don't see why it matters. He said Denard practiced. He said Denard was trying to get healthier. That's enough. Why say Denard will be out - even if Hoke knows he will be, and I doubt he knows definitely - and take away another thing NW must prepare for? And what exactly is the problem with Hoke not speaking on the specifics of the Bellomy injury? And what in actuality does Hoke gain by passing over the Bellomy question, besides protecting Bellomy? This whole argument seems much ado about nothing.

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You pose a lot of good questions.  The whole "why is this a big deal" thing starts with the media.  Media members are paid to report about their respective teams.  When coaches are coy about injuries it makes their job hard as they don't have much to report.  When the media's job becomes harder they complain - and they are vocal.  And believe me it isn't just Hoke - look at how much of a stir Lane Kiffin caused earlier this year over injury non-disclosure.

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Hoke is trying to win games, and he doesn't exactly owe anything to the media.

But Hoke -- anybody -- is going to be facing a very angry media, if he actively misleads them.  The choices on injuries are these: 1) tell the truth, 2) decline to comment on injuries and current player status so as not to help opponents prepare, or 3) actively mislead everyone in pressers and other interviews, so as to "fool" opponents, through the press.

The press knows how to deal with 1) and 2).  Actually, they know how to deal with 3) as well.  In the case of 3), one real option is to counter-attack the subject who is supplying misinformation, make him look bad and expose him as untruthful. 

But as we have found out, that might be just one motivation for the press.  Press motivation can be a very complicated and very tricky thing.

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Exploit, per Merriam Webster, means "to make productive use of."  I am not insinuating in any way that he wanted his players to get injured, rather he is using the injuries in a "productive way" i.e. keeping the opposition on their toes.


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Exactly. What does Michigan gain by divulging our injuries? On the other side, what do we lose? Well, if Minnesota was able to gameplan for non-Denard, they maybe have done better defensively. I hope Hoke gives as little info as humanly possible on this stuff.

Would the media like details on these injuries? Sure. They'd also like details on what cool plays Hoke might use against OSU, but I don't want Hoke to tell them that.


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That was followed by a media member asking Craig Roh about the story Lewan related about his HS game and the score. Dear media - they have boo-boos. You bring it on yourself.


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 The first question to Taylor was pretty goofy and so was the answer from Lewan. Offensive line play has been a major concern all year in every game so obviously it's a problem and NOT an easy fix. If it was an easy fix it would have been a non issue by now. I know depth is a huge issue as is Mealer being a first year center ( first year ever) but if it han't turned around by now it probably won't without some personel changes.

  Some teams wheren't pass rushing Denard and just worrying about contain so it made the pass blocking look better than it was. I think we saw what it's really like the last 2 weeks with Devin and Bellamy as the QB. Until the O line blocks a lot better this is a very limited offense


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Cool enough to button the top button of his shirt, cool enough to do whatever his team needs him to do.

I was slow to buy into the Gardner hype (for no legitimate reasons, apparently), but I look forward to seeing his role increase through next year. He totally deserves the opportunity.