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He emphasizes staying humble and working hard!  I loved his comment:  "I told them when I committed:  Coming to Michigan to win a National Championship!"


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He’s averaging more than 17 points and 11 rebounds in the NCAA Tournament. Since the field expanded to 64 teams in 1985, only 8 other players have done that while playing at least 4 games:


17 PPG, 11 RPG in Single NCAA Tournament

Since 1985


2013 Mitch McGary       Michigan

2009 Blake Griffin      Oklahoma

2003 Nick Collison      Kansas

1998 Antawn Jamison     North Carolina

1995 Junior Burrough    Virginia

1994 Juwan Howard       Michigan

1993 Chris Webber       Michigan

1990 Larry Johnson      UNLV

1986 David Robinson     Navy

<<Minimum 4 games


Some pretty solid company! 


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I really did like the play in the first clip - Gardner looked good, and Jehu Chesson made 6'3" look like 7'3". I'll definitely take that sort of fight and athleticism going into the season.

As for McGary, his growth as a player has been fun to watch, and really, freshman McGary makes me very excited to think about what sophomore McGary could potenitally look like.