Video: Denard on Why He Stayed

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Summary for anybody at work tomorrow:


In an interview with MGoBlue Television, Robinson said, "People were getting in touch with me the whole time, and making sure I made the right decision, not trying to rush things and not trying to force anything.

"My teammates, we talked, and I told them, 'You know I just can't leave you out there.'  I've been around these guys two years and we've bonded and it's like a family here. There's nothing like this."

Robinson, who shared his thoughts after the team's 95-minute meeting with Hoke Sunday night, also took to heart advice from his father.

"My dad said if you can play under two different coaches and two different offenses and you can learn and be successful in it, you can do good anywhere."



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Living in West Quad last year, my sophomore year and Denard's freshman year, meeting him was one of the highlights of my year. I've never met a more kind and humble person, especially one with the level of superstardom he has - and the amount he is still sure to attain. Actually, last season and this season, me and my roommates and a couple other people brought shoelaces to all the football games and swung them around in the air whenever Denard was in the game, as a way of showing support. Obviously, we didn't get much use out of them in 2009, but this past year it was outstanding to see someone that I actually had a few conversations with excel out on the field. This man makes me proud to be a Michigan Wolverine.


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Will improve Denard's skills as a pocket passer (which he already excels at) and also teach him how scramble with your eyes downfield. Denard will still put up monster stats in all catagories, but this year you won't see as many QB Iso, QB sweep, & QB draw plays.  Spreading the ball around will just make this offense even more dangerous.


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Denard has a very strong arm, but that strength has also enabled him to keep some bad habits - like throwing completely off his back foot without stepping into the throw towards the receiver. He has some mechanics stuff to work on with the right coach, but that will only make him a more dangerous QB. I have no doubt he will embrace the teaching and work beyond overtime in the offseason to improve.

He took quite a few shots this year while standing in the pocket - and never backed away from any charging defender. Always seemed to get the pass off just in the nick of time, and still stood there and took the shot. IMO he will be even more exciting to watch this year and next with whatever offense they create just for his skills.

Once he learns to see the entire field and check off on his receivers, he will be unstoppable. A hybrid-pro set will only help him.

Can't friggin' wait!

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Never in the process did I hear Denard himself say/write that he was truly considering leaving.   All of the conversation about it was coming from people that may have some connection to Denard.   It was just never actually him.   So I never really thought he was gone.

We can do wonderful things with this guy, in a variety of offensive schemes.



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I really hope he gets a chance to compete for a Big10 championship but if not, he is already a Champion. He is a true Michigan man and we will all be very proud of him for many years no matter what he does after school.