Video Clears Carlos Hyde

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Charges are not expected to be filed against Hyde after video from Sugar Bar 2 shows he didn't appear to make contact with an alleged victim who claimed to have been assaulted early Saturday morning, a source who spoke to Yahoo! Sports on the condition of anonymity said. The source said video shows Hyde speaking in the direction of the alleged victim just prior to her punching him in the head. The video then shows Hyde leaving the area and reaching back in the woman's direction in a non-confrontational manner, the source said. From the video, it doesn't appear Hyde ever made contact with the woman – either before or after she struck him, the source said.




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 please.. he plays for Urban. He must be a closet homocidal hatemongerer.

But in all seriousness, I will be glad if this is the case that he is vindicated. Problem is, he already got dragged through the coals by any sports media outfit in the country already. Guess it could inspire him.


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I'm a little bothered by where I think you're going with that - I mean it does suck, but in the sense that, if true, Hyde just got run through the wringer for no reason.

In fact, he himself is the victim of an assault (she punched him in the head). Shouldn't she be facing the charges that Hyde would have faced? Pretty sure battery laws apply to all genders.


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Well, I owe Mr. Hyde and OSU an apology on this one.  Nobody deserves those type of false allegations to be brought against them. 

Here's to hoping the false accuser lives a life of utter misery. 


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What about thread here that was dedicated to raking Meyer over the coals for indefinitely suspending Hyde rather than outright kicking him off the team? Seems the exact thing that Meyer did was exactly the right thing to do, and everyone* around here pitched shit over it.

*Not holding myself to any higher a standard. I was definitely having my fun yesterday, too.


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Charges should be filed against the woman. If indeed Hyde was struck then walked away, she should be held to the same standard. Also, was there no one standing close by that witnessed the altercation? Seems odd but whatevs. Fuck Ohio.

NOLA Wolverine

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Getting into a "nuh uh" argument in public with no proof/coroboration yet (and an expectation to get some) when you know you're in the right doesn't do you any good. And Ohio State suspending him indefinitely until evidence comes out was absolutley the right move on their part. Otherwise they'd be getting shit too. Remember what Michigan did with Furman?


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Really? Yes, the cops and this bar are colluding to keep Carlos Hyde out of trouble despite video evidence. No way that backfires on them, right? And what the hell was Urban supposed to do? The police name this kid as a suspect in a heinous crime, Urban is forced to suspend him indefinitely. How often does someone make something like that up? Now the truth comes out, Hyde is reinstated and vindicated. Ha if Urban didn't suspend him, you are going to sit there and say that he wouldn't get obliterated by the press for not acting quickly? Give me a break, guy.


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Look if one of my seniors comes in and says he didn't do it I am going to stand behind the kid. 24 hours wasn't that long to wait or simply no comment. I am not one of the Urbz runs a prison guys but it seems odd they went to a 10 second tape and no witnesses. Time will tell.


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But for a co,lege football coach to say, "My athletic specimen of a young man who is trained to react quicly and with force, and is at the very least held high in esteem by most that he meets was struck by a woman and it's all her fault" is ind of inviting guffaws and some serious 'blame the victim' hate, true or not. We will let htis play out, but probably issuing a suspension, even if he knew right away, was the only option.


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The bar is not under any legal obligation to release it to the public.  Police may choose to do so during or after the investigation.  Either way, I hope LSUFreek gets his hands on it.


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He still must have been breaking the team rule of disrespecting women, because women don't just behave like that.

I'm done for the night guys, gonna go watch some Real Housewives.


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I hope this is true. I hope that nobody was seriously injured and that if innocent, Mr. Hyde is restored to full and active status with the Buckeyes as he should be. I furthermore hope that if the woman in question did, in fact, make a false statement against him, as it seems, that she is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I can, in fact, see that being quite likely in that, if she is a policeman's daughter, she could be angry at him for whatever reason, and she could simply decide to go 'crying to daddy' to get him in trouble. It's becoming more and more frequent as women quickly look for ways to give back all the headway honest feminists have been building over the years. (One story of the rise from just the other day in Scotland - Link).

I don't deny taking great joy in OSU's pain here, but I never said one bad comment about the individuals involved.

Feat of Clay

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It kind of brings to mind an article I read where they were trying to convince high-profile (mainly professional) athletes that they are incredibly vulnerable when they go out, particularly hitting the nightlife.    

Not vulnerable in a physical sense, but that there are a class of people who just act really weird around famous athletes and do all kinds of weird sh*t that can lead to legal trouble, rumors, negative publicity, criminal charges, etc..  Guys picking fights, women acting crazy, false accusations.  It's depressingly more common than than many athletes understand. 


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I was very happy for him that his name was cleared after a false accusation, but then I remembered he still plays football for the biggest douche in the game.

E. Gordon Gee

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I wasn't exactly one of the fans that jumped the boat as soon as Hyde was dismissed with the "Next Man Up" mentality*. Losing Hyde, someone who was responsible for 26% of the offense production with 16 touchdowns and nearly a thousand rushing yards in 2012, would have been a crippling blow to OSU run game this year. All of this, even if they have talent and depth at the RB position. I'll take experience and someone with a developed  RB physique, over talent any day and aver Hyde is the best RB we have. Anyone with the mindset that he's replaceable at the snap of the finger would be in denial. 

As for Rod Smith, my evaluation on his talent  is based on last year since I haven't read anything about his improvement and him not being in the spring game. With that said, he's talented and will likely get more snaps this season. However, the question marks surrounding him is ball security and the ability to cut and make defenders miss in space.  

I guess we'll have to wait until this year to see who's better at the position. That is assuming Hyde is cleared of this situation and is back on the team by Meyer which looks likely now. 

*Heck for that matter I didn't even think of this. The focus should be on the situation (all the OSU players) at hand, not thinking who will fill Hyde shoes next, predicting the record without said players and national title aspirations. Won't someone please think of children (players). 


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Told everyone yesterday there was more to this story if he wasn't already arrested for something that happened Saturday morning.  All I got was downvoted.


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If this video exists and shows what it seems to, then this is an excellent lesson about the dangers of jumping to conclusions. And if Hyde actually took a punch and chose not to retaliate, he deserves commendation, even media praise. That is demonstrating character quality that is just the opposite of everything we thought he had a day ago.