Video: 2008 Wisconsin at Michigan 2nd Half

Submitted by Thorin on April 13th, 2012 at 10:42 AM

The copyright strikes on my mgovideo youtube channel have expired, so I'll be uploading there (instead of mgodisney) until I get busted again. There's also the site and twitter account in my signature and the facebook page. I don't usually post old game uploads on the board so if you're interested, those are your options.




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single-handedly got me through the offseason in 2009.  I know the play-by-play by heart.  Steve Threet took a ridiculous amount of abuse considering all he was asked to do was run an offense not only perfectly mismatched to his abilities but with very little talent around him (and especially in front of him).  All he did was play his heart out, get booed, and never complain about being thrown to the lions week after week.  Transfer schmansfer, the guy is always a Michigan Man to me.


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Maybe not, but all Sopwith was saying is that Threet got a had it hard while he was here and undeservedly took much of the blame for our struggles in 2008.  Then you come in and bash the Threet, completely missing the point.  Threet was put in a hard place through no fault of his own.  


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Plus, I'd add Threet actually had some pretty good games at ASU.  But the point is no one had a chance walking into that situation, and he handled it with a ton of class and a total absence of "why me" self-pity.  Let's just say we've seen some Michigan players handle their misfortune with considerably less grace before and since.


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........bring myself to watch any more tape from 2008, 2009 and 2010.  It is just way too painful.  Even the games like Illinois 2010 and the ND 2009 and 2010 games while exciting just remind of a painful memories.

I would compare it to looking at a photo album of your psychotic ex-girlfriend and now you are blissfully married to the girl of your dreams.


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Ah...2008. The only game I attended all season long and boy I'm glad it was a W. My buddies had tickets way up top but I was greedy and bought a single ticket in the 8th row of section 1 right next to the tunnel. Still to this day I don't think I've ever heard a more piercing loud roar as when John Thompson rummbled over the goal line to give Michigan the lead. I've also never hugged and high fived so many random dudes in my life. RRod sure knew how to make games interesting.

Of course the end had to be filled with drama but that's what makes it that much better when you win. What's even better was it was against Bielema's top 10 team.

I don't think I slept that night...


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Threet wasn't much of a QB in RichRod's system, but he still gets credit for having the greatest single read option play of that era (8:10 of the 4th quarter).


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I didn't know copyright strikes could expire on YouTube.  This is good to know.  3 of my 377 videos are still marked as matching third party content because of music:

1991 Notre Dame game intro has Michael Jackson's "Bad."

1986 Ohio State game intro has the theme from Rocky. 

A Michigan Replay episode has an excerpt from a Simon & Garfunkel song. 

I worry about uploading anything with music anymore because of copyright.  And that really sucks because I recently got a copy of the 86 Hawaii game and there's a cheesy introduction with the players arriving at the airport and goofing off on the plane to Edie Money's "Two tickets to Paradise." 


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What you're talking about are content ID matches which are automatically detected by Youtube. They're less serious than copyright strikes but sometimes they limit your upload length to 15 minutes. Content ID matches expire if you delete the video.

Copyright strikes are when an content owner actively files a content claim. I had two copyright strikes on that account. If you get three, they can delete the account and all your videos. Strikes are supposed to be permanent but the one I got from ESPN expired after one year and I successfully counter-claimed the other one from the MMB.