Very OT, Very Funny: The Viral Sorority Rant

Submitted by superstringer on April 25th, 2013 at 2:06 PM

If you haven't seen this in all its glorious forms, you are missing some side-splitting laughter.

So there's this sorority chapter president, or something, at UM (not our UM, but the other B1G UM) (well, in 2014).  She wrote a blistering email to her sisters... and, well, you have to read it for yourself.  Its very, very, very NSFW... and incredibly hilarious... and even gives us some new swear terms that I'd never heard before ("c--- punt"???).  And a girl calling other girls "boners" is, well, curious, to me.

So here's the email and its background:

And here is a professional actor reading it alive (be prepared to laugh your butt off):

And here's a Barbie Doll reading it too:

And here's a picture of the email's author, and wow, she's not only got a foul mouth, but she's a babe:

Personally, I actually think the email is very, very effective.  The use of CAPS and swearing and parentheticals is just perfect -- delivers an extremely crisp message.  I think the recipients of the email get the point clearly and perfectly.  And the message Becky delivers is dead-on -- she's right, after all.



April 26th, 2013 at 2:35 AM ^

Don't you understand that when you say she's a babe, you are perpetuating the stereotype about lackluster Michigan women and the diminished standards of Michigan males?