Very OT but also very funny: Only in Ohio drunken wedding brawl

Submitted by mGrowOld on April 7th, 2012 at 10:45 AM

Slow day on the board so far so this can be used as a placeholder for the "will he stay or will he go" Burke posts scheduled to arrive shortly I'm sure.

Anyways today's edition of "only in Ohio" takes place just a bit north of where a live so these are my people for lack of a better description.  Seems the sister-in-law of the bride wanted to slow dance with the groom and wasn't terribly interested in stopping when asked to by the bride.  

Predictable fight predictably ensues which leads to arrests and lots of questions; most notably "why didnt the groom just stop dancing with her?"

The story is funnier but the comments (as usual) are even funnier.



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Well Michigan...

Back when I was a boy lawyer before I got into the music biz, I got a call from someone whose child had gotten married the previous night.

Turns out that the father of the groom and the father of the bride had a little disagreement over who got to take home the leftover liquor after the wedding that resulted in Mr. Groom's father breaking the nose of Mr. Bride father, who in turn, bit off one of Mr. Groom father's fingers. Then the wife of Mr. Groom father joined in the fray and bit off one of Bride father's earlobes.

True story. The men were guys who'd walked the iron and steel building the Mackinac Bridge. Not faint of heart, one might say.

If they're still alive today, I'll bet they're forever arguing over that leftover alchohol.


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and this is 100% true.


I attended a reception back in the early 80's ( here in Michigan ) where the BRIDE got caught giving her former high school sweetheart a BJ in the kitchen of the hall.

Her new father-in-law caught them in the act. He actually laughed it off. 

Yes...they are still married.