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Submitted by coachdad on August 29th, 2016 at 9:55 AM

My 12-year old son's birthday was this weekend and I experienced one of the coolest moments with him. We are avid UM fans who live in Tennessee. We have been to see UM play at Illinois, but have never been to the Big House. I bought us tickets for the Indiana game in Noveber. My wife came up with the idea to have him open four separate envelopes that read as follows:

1. Roses are red

2. Violets are blue

3. MJ's going to the Big House

4. And so are you!!!

His reaction was absolutely priceless and brought him and the rest of us to tears. The best part of the story is that my son, my dad, and I are all going to the game together. My dad and I have watched Michigan games together our whole lives but have never been to a game together. One of the coolest moments i have ever experienced. GO BLUE!!!!



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So the personal animosity you have towards my signature is more actionable than my sincere expression of support for this person and their soon to be first experience of Michigan football in Ann Arbor?  That's cold man.

On the other hand, I totally get your dislike of the meme.  Still, kindly get off my lawn, but have a nice day. 


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I can't wait for the first time I get to take my expected child to their first UM game.  It'll be a while, due in March, before he/she is ready for that trip, but it will be awesome. 



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There is nothing creepy about being happy for other people's happiness.  That's actually pretty normal.  

Feeling the need to put down other people's happiness is actually the abnormal thing.  Kinda sad actually, shows a lot of insecurity or low self esteem.  The need to bring others down.  It's a bummer for you, and it's not a good look.

His Dudeness

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Where did I put down this rather personal story which was shared with a bunch of people the OP doesn't know?

People over share about thier kids. It's a fact.

Personally, I find these stories annoying,  but I never put down the story.

I did say I find it creepy that other people assume that I am supposed to love stories about some strangers kids.





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You mocked it by telling a story about hammering your finger and you said you found it annoying. I think that qualifies as putting it down.

And this story isn't just about his son. It's also about him and his father going to a Michigan game for the first time together. It's not like he posted a video of his daughter's piano recital. This is something everyone on this board can relate to - either remembering their first game or imagining what their first game will be like. And this guy is sharing it with us, most of us think it's pretty cool. You don't have to think it's cool at all. But if that's the case, keep your fucking mouth shut.

His Dudeness

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Easy there dad...

Just because I don't roll a tear about a story you seem to find sentimental for some reason doesn't mean you should pull a proper "commenter melt down session" in the middle of a Monday.

It's just jokes any way, bud. But of course I'm the one that doesn't find joy in life...




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utilizing a simple solution
Blog patron: hmmm an article with a title that seems unreasonable/not of interest to me

option A (for asshole) :I will make a degrading or rude comment to display my childish disgust with a post or item I do not find entertaining or of my own interest/self serving need.

option B (for best choice) I will ignore this item, not read it, not pass judgement on others and move forward in my day to read other things which make me feel good about myself.

CHOOSE B it's not difficult. DUDE.


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One f-bomb is hardly a meltdown, I just think you should keep your negative opinions to yourself.  And I don't care how you feel about the story, I just think that poking fun at it makes you look like the asshole, but you've made it clear over the years that that's not something that bothers you in the least.  

And making jokes at other people's expense is hardly finding joy in life.  But keep up the Internet Tough Guy persona if it suits you.


August 29th, 2016 at 11:54 AM ^

You must have some pretty docile friends if one "fuck" is losing control.  I just wanted to make it as clear as possible that ripping on a dad for sharing a story makes you the asshole, not him.  You can keep digging if you'd like, but the 100 or so other comments denotes that most of the board feels this is a cool story and OK discussion.  But feel free to keep on your "I don't care about others" bandwagon, and if coming at me helps, go get 'em big guy.

His Dudeness

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I didn't rip on the OP. If anything it was a CSB moment from me to him.

It's nice you have some sort of feels about one particular commenter and his personal story with his son you've never met, but it certainly doesn't mean I or anyone else has to.  

Also peculiar is this strange "blog peacemaker" role you've carved out for yourself in your own head. It's not needed. Pretty self important assumption to make.

And with zero due respect you don't even know 99.9999% of people on this planet so you certainly dont care about them. It's not a bandwagon. It's a reality of the world.

Also, you came at me...  


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are getting negged pretty much means that yea, you're being a dick, and most everyone agrees.  There is a line between being sarcastic/funny and being a dick.  You don't seem to know what that line is.


And you probably don't care, which is fine.  Your perogative. 


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No, that's not what it's like. It's more like if a starnger saw you were wearing a Michigan shirt, you guys started talking Michigan football (established the common interest, hence why we're all on this blog) and then he told you about how he's taking his son to his first Michigan game. I don't think that would be creepy (or abnormal) in the least bit.

But we're all strangers here talking to one another. If getting the slightest bit personal makes you feel uncomfortable, that's OK. But it's clear that it's fine for the rest of us, so maybe you should keep your opinion to yourself. That's all we're saying.


August 29th, 2016 at 12:50 PM ^

The guy who made the original post most certainly did NOT come up to you. He posted a nice story, one that many people can derive some happiness from, and YOU inserted yourself. Someone who understood basic social norms would've just ignored the thread that brought them as much angst as you display. A better analogy would be someone who had a kid get accepted to Michigan, was sharing his excitement with the person behind them in the grocery line wearing a Michigan hat, and you run over to interrupt and say, "who GAF about your kid and your happiness, look at me!!!".
Edit: beat to the punch by literal seconds while typing on ye olde cell phone.