Verne Lundquist To Step Down From SEC Football After 2016, Nessler Next Up

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News from college football broadcasting:


Verne Lundquist steps down from SEC ON CBS following 2016 season. Brad Nessler to succeed Lundquist starting in 2017

— CBS Sports PR (@CBSSportsGang) May 31, 2016

Lundquist isn't Keith Jackson, but he's been a great voice of the sport for decades. He has lost a bit off of his fastball, so this isn't a huge surprise, but it's good that he will continue to work in other sports (as explained by the article) and that he will get a proper farewell.

Surprising that they've announced the succession plan so far in advance. It's probably good, though. I had missed (or forgotten) the Nessler news in the flood of ESPN departures and this is a great landing for him. He's solid. And he is teaming back up with Gary Danielson, who can be obnoxious but is also extremely good at color analysis.

They were very good together. My memories of, for example, the 1999 Michigan-Penn State game are very fond (EDIT: Still fond memories, but as a couple of posters pointed out, Musberger was paired with Danielson at this game).


Everyone Murders

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I'm really upset about this - it's total b.s.!!

(Wait, no I'm not.  I like both Lundquist and Nessler.  I'm just so used to networks messing up announcer decisions that my default response to an announcer change is "this is idiotic!".)


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Danielson sold his soul in the early 2000s to become a 100% SEC Shill --- so I'm not sure the crew will be as good here in the present day.  We'll see.

FWIW: it was Musberger and Danielson, not Nessler and Danielson, who called the 1999 Michigan @ Penn State game.  1993-1994 and 1996-1998 were all Keith Jackson and Bob Griese.  1995 was Brent and Dick Vermiel.  1999 was Brent and Gary.  1998 was the last year Nessler & Danielson were together at ABC/ESPN.


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Vern is a local guy out of Steamboat Spgs and while iconic in his decades of play-by-play, the number of mistakes he makes now is starting to become Harry Caray-esque and for the same reasons.  Vern is a total lush and during a Broncos pre-season game a few years ago that was broadcast in the local market, he did the play-by-play and was clearly a bit foggy.  He messed up the calls, the names, the numbers and it was cringe worthy.  Agree about Danielson selling out -- he even openly bagged on the BigTen to help sell the SEC myth -- but Vern's time has come.  Great career and many, many, many G&T's later ...time to hang 'em up.

Ho - ho- ho -ho - ho ...!



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Not sure if it's because every game I saw him broadcast was an SEC game, but I was shocked to find out he was from Minnesota.  Either way, I thought he was like Gus Johnson, but not so over the top.  I love his energy and enthusiasm.  The best thing about him is that he never offers stupid hot takes (Joe Buck™) and never made himself more important than the game (Joe Buck©).


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Met Verne "Yes Sir!!!" Lundquist at The Masters Wednesday Par 3 Day in 2013.
My friends and I were deep into $3 beers that day and Verne was an absolute gentleman considering our state of mind.

Another sports voice I grew up with who will no longer be around.
The list is quite long once you think about it, right?
Getting old sux ...


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is one of the best out there.  vern's days are long past.  i don't think he even researches team rosters anymore. "#20 breaks up that pass!"  "#80 with the TD grab!"...


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Am I missing something? Musberger and Danielson did the 99 Penn State game, not Nessler. Remember Brent yelled, "Michigan wins it! Michigan wins it!!!"

That was the farewell home game to Jerry Sandusky, with about 10,000 "we'll miss you, Jerry" signs.


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Give them time... they're still trying to get JoePa's statue replaced first.


EDIT:  Never mind, they're not just working on 1 replacement but 2!  One for travel purposes:

Penn State amazes me.  Rock bottom isn't a deterrent for them -- they just break out a pick ax and try to dig deeper.


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It must have been some member of "my band of pedophile enablers."  

By the way, that does remind me.  A few weeks ago, you said that (and I quote) "I showed a consistent JoePa cult of personality pattern" --- but alas, you couldn't prove it because "the comment history didn't go back far enough."

Have you had any further luck in comment retrieval?  As you can see in the thread, I did have some success in comment retrieval myself.  Odd how I can retrieve but you cannot?


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My most memorable Vern call:

Lets see if embed works...

EDIT: Since I can't get the time to work right for some reason, go to 1:24:27

Clarence Beeks

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Too bad to see him go, because it's Danielson (the absolute worst) that needs to go.  Nessler will be a nice addition, but that's still going to be a mess until they give Danielson the boot.


June 1st, 2016 at 12:17 AM ^

That another huge lost by ESPN there is going to be a lot of new blood in the booth. Great hire by CBS getting Brad Nessler going to be great as the voice of the SEC in 2017 and beyond.


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a good voice for football a long time.  He is easy to listen to.  Wow, did not realize he was 75.  He deserves retirement and a good sendoff.  He's know Keith Jackson, but still a "Hall of Famer".    Nessler is a good replacement.