VaTech Cheerleader Schadenfreude

Submitted by Genzilla on January 4th, 2012 at 1:02 AM

I'll get the Schadenfreude started with some tweets I saw from an old acquantance that happens to be a current VaTech cheerleader.  My acquaintance is Emily, her friend Carmen is also a VaTech cheerleader.  My favorite is obviously the top one about the ugly cheerleaders (the only one that really makes this worth posting).  Feel free to share any other Schadenfreude you run across.



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Are those tweets from Sparty players for real?  What a fucking joke if true.  The sad thing is Dantonio will probably praise them for tweeting this. 


And Michigan was lucky to not play PSU?  PSU wasn't even that good.  They blew chunks once JoPa left.  god MSU players are stupid.


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Last couple before I hit the bars...

Bell says @L_Bell24 I seriously apologize...I should've never said nothin, UofM enjoy your win tonight and rep the B1G...just kno we comin next yr...#LastWords

Then some random teammate (SpartyOL75 Jared McGaha) of his says @L_Bell24 don't apologize to those who think they are great let them beat MSU and not a busted ass ACC team #GoGreen.

I would like to say that I am shocked by their responses to our victory but honestly I'm not. This vitriol is pretty standard for sparty. Hope they continue to bask in their outback bowl glory.


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I've never used twitter before, but all the Sparty angst made me curious to search.  I guess the win streak justifies the trash talk?  Something tells me  the sparty trash talk wouldn't stop after Michigan restores the natural order again.


Jared McGaha

Screw Michigan and everything blue let me know when they see Paul again I know gonna smash next year  
Jared McGaha

You are a joke Brady Hoke good luck tryin to do what rich rod couldn't do  


Jared McGaha

don't apologize to those who think they are great let them beat MSU and not a busted ass ACC team  


Todd Anderson

by SpartyOL75





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we can take pleasure in our bcs victory but the team that showed up tonight will not beat sparty next year-and we lose the heart of our d line as well as our number one playmaker.


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Yes, VT was leading by 6 points early in the game but, if I am not mistaken, after Michigan scored the TD to take the lead V-tech was catching up the whole game. Their D was pretty solid, I will give them that, but Michigan D was no joke either. Either that, or the V-tech offense was just plain lousy....turnovers galore, fumbles/INTs, could not score in the red zone.

As for that "TD", on review the refs got it right. When the ball came into contact with the ground it was moving around. As spectacular as the almost TD was, in the end it was not a TD.

In the end the better team won. Sorry V-tech......sour grapes


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it happens; but to be a homer in that regard doesn't make sense. 184 yds of total offense doesn't indicate anything other than some timely, big breaks.

Tech owned UM's line, hence the running game. When DRob wasn't running into his own lineman, he was chunking balls all over the field and once in awhile to his own guys.

How fun is it though to piss and moan about a win, in the Sugar Bowl, and set a record for wins in a season?


January 4th, 2012 at 2:02 AM ^

The running game? The same running game that got 163 yards on nearly 50 rushes for an amazing 3.4 yards per rush?

It is pretty obvious what our game plan was. Let them dink and dunk down the field and tighten up in the red zone. For as much as they "dominated" that game, they still had less than 400 yards of total offense and couldn't do shit in the red zone.

coastal blue

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was to allow 7 long third down conversions. 

Seriously, we were fortunate to win this game. While our defense made some plays and Hemingway had a great catch on the second TD, pretty much everything we got was just jaw-dropping in its amount of luck. 

Hemingway's first TD was a terrible throw. Either of Denard's faux picks - I think they got the calls right - could have stayed had we had different officials. The fake field goal. The overturned TD in OT. Beamer's puzzling special teams decisions. The fact that we somehow won with 184 yards of offense - which was an amount that not even the 2008 team managed to lower itself too - against an 11-3 team....Well, I never thought I'd say it, but I think we eclipsed the Notre Dame game in terms of sheer luck. 

As the old saying goes, sometimes its better to be lucky than to be good. 

Half Blood Dut…

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...her name is Kelsey VanderWiere. If you're from Grandville, Michigan you'd know every VanderWiere is smokin' hot and are the coolest to be around.

EVERY single cheerleading squad has it's good looking and not so good looking.


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The cheerleader in the OP needs to be angry with modern technology and the 700 angles you get on one play to get calls correct whenever possible. She should also be mad at a slightly mistimed dive and the ground. Sunspots too.

Say it with me, VaTech..."I am mad that they took the time to get the call correct..."