Various Michigan (Individual) stats as of 10/20 per ESPN

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I was perusing through the stats on ESPN and found some of the following interesting:

-Devin Gardner's 1772 passing yards is good for 22nd in the country (leader has 2992) but his YPA (10.2) is 7th among players with at least 100 attempts. He ranks 5th in INTs with 10 (leader has 17).

-Fitz Toussaint is 40th in the country with 575 rushing yards (leader has 1036) but is 3rd in rushing attempts with 155. He is also 3rd in rushing TDs with 11 (leader has 12). His 3.7YPC is 231st in the country among qualified* rushers. 

-Jeremy Gallon is 5th in the country with 831 yards receiving. The leader has 1176. He is 9th in the country with 7 receiving TDs (leader has 12).

-Fitz Toussaint is 11th in the country in (what appears to be non-passing) scoring with 66 points (leader has 108). Brendan Gibbons is 18th with 63 points (8FG, 39PAT).

-Dennis Norfleet is 8th in the country with 505 kick return yards (leader has 633). He is 39th among qualified** returners with a 24.0 yard kick return average. His punt return average is -0.3 yards.

-Blake Countess is tied nationally for 3rd with 4 interceptions (leader has 5). He is also 2nd in the country with 149 return yards (leader has 175).

So what does this tell us? IMO, what we already know.

Devin is a go-big-or-go-home QB who will likely either burn you for a big play or turn it over. 

Fitz is getting a ton of carries without much production. He is able to find the endzone, though.

After Gallon's monster game last night, he is statistically one of the best receivers in the country.

Dennis Norfleet is getting a lot of kick return yards, but only because he's getting a lot of attempts. Hopefully he will find more success during the remainder of the season.

Blake Countess has a nose for the football.


*Qualified rushers must have at least 6.25 attempts per team's games played.

**Qualified returners must have at least 1 return per team's games played.



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I've said all along that Devin's problems are clearly with his confidence.  I think this game will give him a huge boost and he'll stop thinking so much and just throw.  If the Borges calls a good game and the refs decide to actually call some pass interference on Dennard we should be able to move the ball against MSU.


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To add, Devin Gardner's passer rating right now would be 159.28, which would be the 14th best in Division I among qualified starters (just below Braxton Miller actually). That's really not a bad stat in itself either. 


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  I'm still trying to figure out how the guy with 300 receiving yards is STILL getting open in the 4th quarter.  Hopefully Gallon passes on his route running secrets (and invisibility cloak) to Chesson and/or Darboh for next year.  

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That's fine, but draft position, while an indicator of future NFL success, is certainly not determinative. Watch Gallon run routes. Then, on sundays, watch the best NFL slots run routes. Then tell yourself Gallon couldn't not only catch on, but excel in that role. 

And then give me odds so I can bet you and make money off of you. Thanks. 

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The difference with the NFL is that there are quite a few players just like Gallon in every draft, every year.  Of those players, the ones that make it stay for several years.  It's great to be proud of your team and its players, but at some point you have to be realistic.  

He's 5'8" tall and weighs less than 190lbs.  His 40 time is slower than the 5 recievers ahead of him that are the same height as him in this year's draft.  I will root for him to become a future NFL star, but admitting that the odds are stacked against him doesn't make me wrong, it just means I understand reality.


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successful he is at his size at Michigan then comparison him to our best receivers. Junior Hemmingway is catching on with the chiefs with a few catches this for instance and I would take gallon over him any day. Love Hemmingway and hope he has a long career but Gallon offers more. Where does he sit next to a Tai Streets, Jason Avant, Mario Manningham in your mind at Michigan? I love them all but I would say he is up there with Avant, Manningham and Streets for what he's done for us and that translates. He has faced just as good DBs and put up numbers. I think of him as similar to Goldan Tate in the NFL.

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Where does he sit next to a Tai Streets, Jason Avant, Mario Manningham in your mind at Michigan?


He will be remembered as a great player at Michigan and be remembered for things like 2011 Notre Dame and 2013 Indiana.  His legacy in the NFL is not yet written and will be up to him to write.  I am glad he is a Michigan Wolverine.


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Fitz Toussaint is 11th in the country in (what appears to be non-passing) scoring

The scorer is the player who has the ball in the endzone (or who kicks in through the uprights) - not whoever gave it to him first.  



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  1. Baylor 19.41
  2. Georgia Tech 17.94
  3. Navy 16.81
  4. Florida St. 16.79
  5. Michigan 16.56
  6. Oregon 16.23
  7. Miami 16.15
  8. LSU 15.99
  9. Pittsburgh 15.18
  10. Maryland 14.99


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...that stat is probably as consistent, year to year, as any statistic I can think of. The top is always the triple option teams that don't pass (Navy, Air Force, Georgia Tech--Army's been so bad lately they don't make it), then come the offenses that stretch the field vertically: Oregon, Florida State, Baylor, wherever Borges happens to be. In a sense I suppose Oregon's sort of a combination of the two types.

It's more a measure of style/scheme than it is of skill--you just need to make the obvious separation between the option and the passing offenses.