Vanderbilt cancels game with Ohio

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Ohio State and Northwestern both now scrambling to fill 2013 dates. Stay classy, Vandy.  


It has not been confirmed, but it was brought to my attention from the world of twitter (not the bleacher report) that Vanderbilt has informed the state university in Ohio and Northwestern that they will no longer be playing the 2 schools in football in 2013. It is in the early stages of breaking news, so it has not had a link assigned to it.

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I was at that LSU vs. OSU game in C-Bus.

My memory of that game is that LSU was blowing OSU out (which obviously made me happy, although I kept it to myself) and most of the Buckeye "faithful" had already filed out of the stadium. OSU made a miraculous comeback to win the game (which pissed me off) in front of a virutally empty stadium (which made me laugh).

So many emotions that day....


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"Vanderbilt's 2013 non-league schedule now features Austin Peay, Massachusetts, UAB and Wake Forest. That should be enough for James Franklin to keep convincing everyone Vanderbilt is the next Stanford. "

I laughed there. Nice snark. It seems rather crass to do this by regular mail, or at least it does to me - I would have thought Vanderbilt to be a little more thoughtful than that, if they would do such a thing. According to the Chicago Tribune, the buyout was "not prohibitive", but still, even though the SEC conference schedule is eight games and the change in status of Massachusetts possibly creates a situation where Vanderbilt has to eliminate a game somewhere to stay with four OOC games, but why the games that would be better competition? That being said, if Austin Peay and UAB are more to their liking in Nashville, then by all means, continue to be Vanderbilt, I guess. 


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Does it affect us in any way shape or form? Who literally cares about this?  Has there been any analysis on how this effects the entire BIG or UofM? F NO! Its completely pointless post.

I don't even come here much, so I think your comments are way off base. And to even insinuate that "you", as in me, are making asinine remarks lately or routinely, as if I am the only one on this turrible board is remarkably absurd and out of touch with reality. Moreover, profit and his minions, I changed my name recently, so you don't even know what you are talking about mgoboard tough guys.  You should be shamed of yourself for even commenting on my post.  If this marks Michigan fandom, as an alummus who probably is younger than you, I am would hope for better.  

Brian, your mgoboard is getting worse than ESPN, Mlive, DetNews.  


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I love Hoke as much as anyone, and I understand that this might be blasphemy around here, but can we please f---ing call Ohio State "Ohio State" (or "OSU" or something)?  The fact that our coach says something cute doesn't mean that every damn fan has to do the same thing.


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I see your point, but it's a personal preference thing. I still stick with "That school in Ohio," just because that's what I like. It's all about building up your own anticipation for the rivalry. We do it because it's fun, not because we're zombie-like Hoke minions.

Although we are also zombie-like Hoke minions...


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This. It was cute and it instantly calmed the fanbase worried about the hire that he means business and gets what RR seemingly (in fan's eyes) didnt. However, neither then nor now have I ever called them "ohio". Rather, I use "ohio state" or "osu" as my way of hating them by name is refusing to even capitalize their name. Same for msu and nd. No "little brother" crap. Just msu.

Fans did this with RR as well and stopped (at least non-sarcastically) with the whole "I only talk about players who play for Michigan" thing. Dropped it the day he left.

It's juvenile. Call them osu, at the very least.

/end rant


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Abso-fucking-lutely not. What does their band spell when they take the field? What do the sides of their drums say? What do they spell in their only chant?

It's hilarious because it infuriates them so to be called what they themselves call themselves. They are Ohio, beginning last year, and forevermore.


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That's a shame.  I also went to Vandy and I was really looking forward to a trip to Columbus where no one would spit on me or try to kill me (probably).


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Vandy, Florida A&M, Buffalo and Cal (who won't make it to a bowl game this year). Nice ooc schedule by OSU...again.

It will be interesting to see how they fare when, in the future, they start playing those schedules full of BCS teams (what will we refer to these teams as when the BCS goes kaput, btw?) in the non-conference that they claim they will be scheduling.

Rather be on BA

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Wasn't it Vandy that had that nice video posted on the board awhile back where the coach awarded the walk-on a scholarship in film session?  I really liked that move so it kinda sucks that they would then go and do something as unclassy as this.


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Who the hell are these "Ohio" Bobcats you speak of?


On topic though...  I can understand why Vandy would cancel osu given the reconfiguring of the SEC to accomidate 14 teams and the difficulty of their schedule.  osu is pretty much a garenteed loss for the Commodores...

Seems a shame for them to walk out on Northwestern though.  Those games have been decently competitive, and if you don't think you can beat a mid-tier Big 10 program you're probably not "building" anything.  I thought they made for a cool matchup too, given their relative strengths both on the field and in the classroom.  Oh well.  :(