Value of Spring Game attendance?

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Notice this has been talked about in quite a few theads this time of the year, so let's have one thread.

Does spring game attendance move the needle for you? Do you care at all what number Michigan draws compared to other schools that have nothing else to do in their state?

Do recruits truly care about how many people show up for a practice? Or is it just one large, national penis measuring contest between fans and overweight, painted idiots that has come about due to the TV networks?

i've seen people on both sides of the fence here. so it now it is time to




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Honestly I would only care if people didn't show up. If attendance was 10k, I'd be worried. But OSU's attendance doesn't scare me...they won the NC last year! They should have a monster number attending.

High fan optimism = high fan attendance

So, it doesn't move the needle...I'm optimistic for the season. My main goal is winning stability in the program. If they get that, winning cures all.


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It doesn't really take much anyways. Bring back locker room tours, bounce houses for the kids on the north side of the stadium, lacrosse before the game, holding it 2 weeks after we did this year, and Harbaugh. That wouldn't cost the university much at all and we'd get a big crowd.

South TX MFan

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I don't care about having the highest attendance but it's good to see the level of excitement that Harbaugh has brought. 60k fans without having coached a game on the heels of some terrible seasons is nothing to turn your nose up to.

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It looks fancy in the paper and gets you amped up for the regular season, but at the end of the day holds no real quantitative value.

There may be some minor recruiting value there, but we were somehow pulling guys with multiple starz laying some fresh spring turds with respect to spring games/attendance/EUTM in the past several years.

Keep in mind that spring game attendance does not quantify attendance at these games come the 4th quarter, when a fraction of the stadium remains filled no matter what the school.


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Some states have lots to do (two baseball teams, a playoff basketball team, two divisional rival football teams, etc) and still draw because fans like college football, and even two months off is too much. I think the 'measuring' statement is dumb, since it's apples and oranges when comparing weather and recent successes generated by the programs. It kind of smacks of envy and no one else really cares.