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December 22nd, 2011 at 11:02 AM ^

"An honorable mention All-ACC selection at place-kicker ... Has played in 12 games, attempting 61 kicks ... Has made 14 of 17 field goals (82.4 percent) and 43 of 44 extra points on the season ... Has a season-long field of 42 yards and has totaled 85 points ... Has made a field goal in every game he's played in this season"


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My money says he's not as good as their starting kicker.  ;o)

Certainly changes the game dynamic, I suspect 4th & short/medium situations inside of our 40 now become go-for-it territory for VT, similar to what occurred with Team 131.  Where are all those charts Mathlete put together last fall on going for it vs. attempting a kick?


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Justin Myer and Tyler Weiss, both seniors, are the only other place-kickers listed on the Virginia Tech roster. Weiss filled in for Journell in a game against Duke earlier this season, kicking two extra points and missing a 29-yard field goal. Myer is a kickoff specialist who twice this season was called on to attempt field goals of 50-plus yards. He missed both of them.


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What a smart guy.  I don't understand how half of these guys get the grades to play.  If you're stupid enough to do something like this as a D-1 college athlete at a big time school, you're definitely not smart enough to pass class.


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Not exactly. I believe he wasn't arrested like this kicker was, only charged well after the fact. He and a former dorm mate had some shared property from when they roomed together. He went into his former dorm mates room to take what he thought was his, former dorm mate reported a break in, they later sorted it out on their own. Well after the fact due process resulted in a charge even though the 2 parties involved had already resolved the issue.


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Looks like he won't be kicking in the game if the court system takes its time:

"Under university policy, a student arrested and charged with a Class 2 felony would be automatically suspended until charges are dropped, said Bryan Johnston with the Virginia Tech athletic department. He said the university is working on the situation and more information would be forthcoming."


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Last year, Michigan was the team without a competent kicker.  Now, it looks like their Sugar Bowl opponent will be "that" team.  It could end up being the deciding factor in a close game.