UTL Part Deux Weather

Submitted by MGoSoftball on September 1st, 2013 at 11:59 AM

I inquired about the The "unofficial" weather for UTL-2 courtesy of the USAF for KARB.  They are calling for a 55% chance of rain, high near 81, and 76% cloud cover with winds out of the west at 6mph.  The highest chance of rain is in the morning and gradually decreasing through out the day. 

Game time is expected to be clear and dry, 74 deg and near calm winds.  If you plan on attending College Game Day broadcast you might want to take a poncho with you just in case.

The forecast for CMU was dead on as I experienced rain on the north side of town on the drive in about 11am.  Then the clouds started to disapate.  The humidity was extremely high yesterday.  Some of the weather sites and even some MGoBloggers thought the rain would stay to the south with lower humidities.

Great Job USAF Weather Flight.  Keep up the good work and your support of Michigan Football.



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Sounds a lot like UTL part Uno. I will never forget that game, mainly because my son was born about 24 hours earlier and I literally hadn't slept in two days, making the experience all the more surreal. My wife is freaking MGoAwesome for letting me go.


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Forecasting models are not accurate 6 days out. That forecast is likely to change significantly by the end of the week. Typically late summer forecasts become accurate 3-4 days out, but convection and outflow boundaries can throw a wrench in forecasts even at that point. The mid latitudes are especially hard to forecast right before seasons change.

South TX MFan

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I hope this is more accurate than Weather Bug, which is now predicting a 50-60% chance of rain at game time. Hopefully Michigan weather is as hard to predict as Texas weather.