UTL II Mich/ND officially ESPN game of the week.

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It's oficially official! UTL II is going to be the game of the week. It will not be on ABC due to NASCAR but it will be carried by ESPN which I think will make for the "Mush"berger and Herbie duo. Does this make us a lock for College Gameday? if so where do you think they will set up?




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Last ND-Michigan game at the Big House in a while and obviously both teams will be 1-0 and ranked going into the game.  Lee "ah f*ck it" Corso and the boys should be there.


What a fun day this is going to be.


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Gameday hasn't really settled on a good spot. They used to do it inside the fence, which was close and pretty cool and worked alright for noon games, but its not their profile anymore. Neither is hosting it at field level--they did that before the Brabbs game in '02 and nobody was there. Wound up a disappointing trip.

More than ever, Gameday wants and needs fans to be there, even if its kind of staged. For a night game that means central campus.


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At least on ESPN proper (disregarding the 2 and 3 and the Ocho for the moment), it is Florida-Miami (YTM) for the early game and, at 4:30 PM, they will have Georgia-South Carolina. I think some of the times on the full schedule are to accommodate games as well as the expanded Gameday format that they keep talking about in ESPN articles, but I have to think that we're the headline game that day and our chances of getting Gameday would be realizable. In 2011, they set up on right on central campus, I believe, which was a great place to have it. 


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My concern with the ESPN night game is that the earlier game often goes beyond the scheduled kick for the evening game.  Then we get bumped to ESPN Random Channel which may not be one I have.  Then it is 'huddle around the laptop' time.  Errg.  Let's hope the preceding game ends in a timely manner.

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Looking at the overall schedule, there's almost no way any other matchup could get on Gameday over Michigan-Notre Dame. The only other ones that might even receive any consideration are:


West Virginia-Oklahoma

South Carolina-Georgia (If Georgia wasn't going to be on the week before against Clemson, I'd be inclined to give them the nod for week 2. But they won't be on it two weeks in a row.)

Oregon-Virginia (I know, I know, this'll be a massacre, but just trying to find marquee matchups)


It doesn't make any sense to have anything on Gameday other than Michigan-Notre Dame. Two rabid, passionate fanbases, among the biggest in sports, two of the winningest programs of all time, playing each other in Ann Arbor, at night, for the last time in probably a long time. They'll both be at least top-15 come kickoff, and not to mention these matchups in 3 of the last 4 years have made for some wild, "WTF did I just see" kind of finishes.

ESPN Gameday is coming to town. Book it.


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Don't forget Florida @ Miami (YTM). They have a pretty solid rivalry, and it's been several years since they last met. Florida is highly-touted this year as per usual, but Miami isn't supposed to be a joke this year either.

That being said, I think UTL 1 was all ESPN hoped for and more, so I'm guessing they'll go with UTL 2 for Gameday again. They have the whole rest of the season to kowtow to the SEC anyway.


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In what world is NASCAR bigger than football?  Whatever. 

I know you all hate him but I like Musberger.  And when he broadcasts a UM/ND game, we are 6-1.  If Mike Gillette's last second field goal in 88 would have been a few inches to the left, we'd be a perfect 7-0.  (Brent called Desmond's 4th down catch, he called Denard's throw to Roundtree, he called Carlyle Holiday running out of time.) So I welcome him doing the broadcast if it is in fact him. 


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I don't know about all of "them," but I think Musberger is a treasure and a fantastic ambassador for the game. He may occasionally be a bit hokey, but he will never be mistaken for someone who doesn't care much for the sport.

He might not be Keith Jackson (who is?) but he is still an all-timer that is a significant piece of the fabric of college football. And he's done a good job staying sharp despite his advancing age.


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Two years ago I sat in front of my TV here in Tucson watching the first UTL between Michigan and Notre Dame.  There was a massive monsoon thunderstorm cell over most of Tucson that night.  Thankfully the power stayed on and the cable feed remained until the end.

My buddy Eric back in Virginia -- a big Florida / SEC fan -- was watching the game with his 10 year old son.  Eric reported that everyone in his house was on the edge of their seats, and his son was jumping up and down screaming "Go Michigan! Go Michigan!"  He said the atmosphere of the Big House all lit up with 114,000 people was really incredible.  That from an SEC fan.

Meeeeechigan!  I can't wait!!


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By a friend that works in tv with me that he has been hired already for game day... In Ann Arbor. So yes they will be here. Just waiting for my call to work the game... Maybe, or go to the game as a fan! Can't wait!


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Great, so now as a NCAA College Football fan in Canada I have to stream ESPN3 through my laptop and use my buddies Comcast login to watch it.  God damn nascar.  I fucking hate you with the blinding light and heat of a trillion suns.


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Hi All, I'm new to this forum so I apologize if this isn't the right place to ask this, but I couldnt find where to start a new thread?! I am planning to tailgate on the golfcourse (I dont really care which one) for the ND game. I've done it plenty of times for a noon or 330 start but never for a night game. When does the golfcourse open and when do you think it fills up? Anyone have golfcourse tailgating experience from the last Under the Lights at the Big House?