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For those of us who can never watch this game enough. A Saturday dose of ND schadenfreude is on ESPNU now.



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I came back from the bar last night wanting to watch this on DVR. I find that my roomate, a fellow UM grad, has deleted it. Yes, ill be able to dvr it again when its on the big ten network, but i feel he should still be punished for this. What should i do?


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Still have the full original which I dvr'd the night of, while I was at the game.  Now that my kid can navigate the dvr, I always worry about this type of scenario.


I would put the roomate on double secret probation, to include cleaning, dishes, and paying for at minimum one long bender at the local pub!



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Only have about 30 minutes to come up with a realistic reason for tearing through a six pack and watching UTL once again, instead of cleaning garage, pulling weeds, etc...


I guess this is just a warm up for her as we get closer to the season!

Alf Urkel

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just say your butt hurts and you can't do chores. it usually works for me. i told her I have a ligament problem in my rear-end, and sometimes it flairs up during physical labor. neither of us are scientifically -inclined, so she believes it. I always start whatever work she has for me, though, so it looms like im trying. also, make it random. work through games you don't really care about, so it doesn't seem like you always happen to be hurting during the game. also, wince and moan a lot when you're actually working. im pretty sure my wife does this to me as well, because sometimes instead of doing laundry or dishes or whatever her chores are, she says her nipples are sensitive and chafing bad, so she can't work. not sure if she's playing me, but she might be. she never questions my own fakery though, which leads me to believe she herself is NOT faking. commence "cool story bros."


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I love it when they show Facepalm guy. Everyone was at least thinking that during the live broadcast but now we can laugh about it.

/wags finger at camera


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I always loved seeing on TV how the top parts of the stadium are pretty dark. Not sure why. Maybe it's because it makes the stadium look even bigger but I just think it looks awesome

Franch Dressing

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A lot of people bitch about always posting these on the board, but I love when people let us know. I was bored as shit watching the olympics (men's volleyball and water polo) trying to pass the time while my 3 kids were all down for naps. What a perfect way to spend an hour!



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Do you think more Irish people (being a citizen of Ireland) have gone to ND or Michigan? I'd give ND the favorite with about 60% but I think we have a great shot at having more Irish citizens. It wouldn't even be close on how many Irish Americans went there compared to Mich. 


August 4th, 2012 at 6:25 PM ^

Don Criqui (as Roundtree catches the game-winning TD): "Incomplete.....but wait...."

I have to believe that some of the diehards in  South Bend are still waiting. 


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Can someone help point me toward a certain clip?

I believe this was durring UTL, but I'm not 100% positive. There was a game last season where a sideline scuffle occured between our players and opposing players, and Hoke can be seen grabbing two of our players by the back of their jerseys and manhandling them back to the sidelines with a sort of pissed off "your antics are hurting the team" kind of scowl on his face. If someone could point me toward that clip, it would be much appreciated.


August 5th, 2012 at 7:02 PM ^

No, it definitely wasn't that. I was actually sitting on that side of the field and saw Hoke corrale Devin live, so I was familiar with that incident. I believe it was two defensive players, and in retropect, I'm pretty sure it was daylight, so it either wasn't UTL, or it was very early in the game.