Utah Snowflakes: Coaching And Miscellaneous

Submitted by LSAClassOf2000 on September 4th, 2015 at 12:04 AM

This will be the thread for discussing any coaching or miscellaneous snowflakes and hot takes from tonight's game. 



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Don't call the route that had the pick six. I have never like that play. Minimal gain is it succeeds massive failure if the throw is off. It is also a very tight throw to do. Get it out the play book or go to a different read.


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That is what is so disappointing about Rudock today. If you are forcing it in the crowded space for Butt, I understand. Even if it ws for Chesson or Darboh, fine. But you should not be looking to the true freshmen in a crowded space. Even if he ran the correct route, the DB probably would have knocked it away, since Perry is not going to be very physical. You should only be targeting him when he is wide open. You need to be aware of each receiver's abilities. I just thought Rudock's awareness sucked most of the game.


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The fade-out combination is a WCO standard and is in most playbooks, the play is not the problem.  Jake Rudock's read on the other hand was awful, nickel corner sat on the route and was in position to undercut the throw and Darboh was getting manhandled into the sideline on the fade.  Upon seeing this Rudock should have immediatley looked at the other side of the field and if he had he would have seen Chesson wide open and looking back for the ball along with Isaac wide open on a fade and not even remotely looking for the ball.  Even still it never should have gotten to this because when Isaac motions out of the backfield, a linebacker follows him which means regardless where the linebacker lines up you have a probable mismatch you should be looking to exploit.  Then you get mana from heaven and the linebacker deciedes to literally play in the parking lot and leave Isaac functionally uncovered on 3rd & 3.  The ball should be thrown there immediately and boom first down.  Rudock was erratic all night with his reads and his throws.

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Rudock didn't play his best game. If Michigan doesn't make the mistakes they made all around on offense, the game is theirs. I believe it. Simply put. I had a Midleeastener sittting by me the whole second half who doens't know a thing about football and was just like...yeah this game was Michigan's to win. It was right there. It aint no thang...Go Blue and on to the next. It was at Utah and they are a pretty good team supposedly. But...not really. This should've been a win. I saw it as that. This is just the start! GO BLUE AND ALL HAIL!!! The better team lost. You wait!!! I'm really drunk too mind you all. Loved our offense and defense mind you. The hit Peppers put on Booker when he layed him out on the sideline and that kick return should've been taken to the house. Peppers had the edge, that was six, don't know if any of you noticed that.



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I thought overall the OL played well. No sacks from one of the better DL in the country. I think they opened holes but our backs don't read them well. Hopefully that will improve with practice and as the season goes on. But I was impressed with the OL. A bit disappointed in Rudock. I think the WRs played well.


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The OL protected well (which makes the INTs all the more disconcerting), but the run blocking was still not good. How Kalis still doesn't know how to pull is beyond me. He single handedly blew up that 4th and 1 at the end by blocking nobody.


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I'm ok with a loss. I expected one, to be honest. Utah is a good team.

But what's brutal is, that felt EXCACTLY like last year. Same strengths, same weaknesses, to a T. That's what made this game so bad.


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fucking high.

In no way, shape, or form did this game remind me of last year, how can you be disappointed with our trajectory?

This was leaps and bounds better.  We had plays designed well that guys got open in.  The play calls werent terrible, and we did have some good runs.  

fucking high i tell you


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Harbaugh wants to send a message that 5 star or 3 star he doesn't care,you will run in beast mode.If you are soft you will not get carries.He is smart enough to know Smith is very limited(slow,can't see the hole,etc).But he runs angry.Smith will not get as many carries going forward,but it is up to the other backs to earn those carries.The report on TY has always been that despite being 6-3,228(was 240) that he is soft and it showed in the carries tonight.First guy brought him down and always finds the sideline.Drake Johnson would be the perfect back in this offense,hopefully he is back before BYU.The OL is much improved and won't be noticed by many until we use a back like Johnson(wish Higdon wasn't a freshman).


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Except that our running game is terrible, our running backs run into piles instead of holes, we can't complete a long pass, we throw boneheaded interceptions, our defense is good but not good enough and falls apart at times....everything was the same as last year except the special teams.


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You can't not mention the obvious improvement from last year. I mean, we should have gotten blown out at home against these guys last year, and this year, we should have beaten them (providing Rudock didn't overthrow three touchdowns or throw three picks). Yea, at times this game had similar feel to last year, but these are the same players from last year. 


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We made some of the bigger mistakes that will almost always cost you games, and that needs to be fixed.  I think it will.  But, I felt like we did a lot of little things that good teams do.  It sucks after all the hype to have to wait for a win on the field, but this is the most encouraged I've felt after a loss in years.