Utah pump up thread

Submitted by Desmonlon Edwoodson on December 10th, 2010 at 2:01 PM

Last year, the Utes demolished us in their place, probably knocking us out of postseason play.  That will not be the case this year.  I dont want to hear that their shortest player is like 8 feet tall.  I dont care that they each have 7 wives, five of them over the age of consent.  You know what?  Keith Van Horn was overrated.  At 6'10" Tom Chambers still  had to climb on top of Mark Jackson to dunk a basketball. Utah skiing sucks, the 2002 Olympics were lame,  and what the hell kind of state rock is coal?  65% of Utah is owned by the government, and the other 35% was used in the filming of "Touched by an Angel".  Polygamy is against God's will!  Now lets get out there and make some noise for coach B and help them smite the heathen Utes!



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I had no real ill will toward Utah before this post.  But you raised some good points.  There's plenty of good reason to work up a good anti-Utah lather.  Let the game begin!

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I don't have to eat dinner beforehand and then can get some FREEEEEEEEEE PIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAA to satisfy my appetite.


Oh, and there's no way Utah finishes our 3 game/2 sport contract with a sweep.


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Are we snake oiling Utah's football coach? Isn't that what all threads are supposed to be about? ...just kidding.


F*** UTAH! I'm actually getting really excited about watching this basketball team compete and grow. Darius Morris has been a complete surprise and playing very well. I get pumped to watch them now even though I expect some let downs every now and then given their youth and inexperience. 


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I watched the Utah game last year and I remember feeling sick to my stomach.  It's one thing to lose.  But when you make a GOD awful team look like NBA champs...there are no words. 

I don't want to feel that way again tonight. 


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I go to the University of Utah, and I am really tired of hearing about how good their basketball team was in the 90's and how that some how correlates to how good they are now. I really dislike me some Utes. It would be nice to talk some crap on my fellow classmates before our finals next week.