Utah CB Dominique Hatfield Dismissed

Submitted by The Victors on July 10th, 2015 at 12:13 PM

To my knowledge, the last post on this subject was regarding Dominique Hatfield's indefinite suspension after being charged with aggravated assault, but it looks like Utah Ute head football coach Kyle Whittingham took things a step further and has dismissed the likely starting CB from the program.





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which is not based on any forward looking realistic projection. Yes, the past was bad. Really bad. The talent _is there_ though. The coach sucked. He was a talent and food black hole.

If you don't think there will be a marked improvement from the WR group (admitedly, it wouldn't take much) then I would love to hear your thoughts on how Harbaugh must be coachspeak bullshitter with respect to his comment on how he expects this group to compete for a national championship.

His Dudeness

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"with respect to his comment on how he expects this group to compete for a national championship."

What is he supposed to say? He has said quite a bit without saying a word when he went and signed TWO transfer QBs and has been looking under rocks for a transfer WR. IMO that says a lot more about what he really believes than what comes out of his mouth into a microphone.


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He was dismissed due to "further concerns"

"Hatfield is accused of pulling a knife and taking money from an individual who was looking to buy an Xbox from a classified ad. Hatfield was arrested by police after the victim arranged a second meeting to buy two iPhones.

Video from a nearby convenience store is expected to be released sometime revealing some details about the incident. Hatfield has only admitted to having two stolen iPhones."

If the stuff he's being accused of wasnt enough to get him booted "further concerns" must involve mass murder or something.


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Yeah I hope he's fine for the long run. Hamstrings are the worst. Once your tear one you never know when it may pop again and it zaps your confidence, especially in pushing for your top gear or making explosive moves.  I hope his medical treatment got him back in a good spot where he can find his old form.  I wonder how much positional development he's missed and how that will affect his chances of seeing the field.


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Kudos to Whittingham for taking an increasingly rare stand in big time CFB.   Last thread on this I thought he'd miss at least a game or two as Whittinghham is not the type to just dismiss this stuff.  This is very severe however.

Utah lost both starting CBs to graduation and this was one of the key heir apparents.  Going to be a very inexperienced pair of corners starting now.

Everyone Murders

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Assuming that Jake Rudock is our baseline for QB quality (for someone to start instead of him, they presumably need to be better), I like the idea of an opponent's starting CB being out.  I like that a lot. 

And by "too bad" for the kid, I mean too bad that he made such a stupid mistake.  It's good that he got himself busted (and a bit funny, given the sting and all) so he's not out there stealing from you, me, whatever.  Hopefully the bust leads to him turning his life around.