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and Custer, George Armstrong.

 Guess you could call Gen. Custer a success, at least at Gettysburg where he mounted a charge with "C'mon you Wolverines!" and turned back a much superior JEB Stuart force leaving Pickett's Charge without support. Yet, he got his West Point appointment as a Ohio native.


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Largest, yes.  Most advanced?  Nope...  The Seawolf class (SSN 21) is more advanced and more capable, and the Virginia class (SSN-774) is even newer.  What doesn't matter, though, is what platform the Seal's ride on when dealing death and destruction to our enemies.  So long as they get there safe...


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Here is what the University of Michigan is doing to date for the crew. A signed UM football, team photo, and 3x5 signed Block M Flag will be sent back to the boat. They will be displayed in the Officer's and Enlisted areas respectively. The Block M will fly on a game day Saturday under the Ensign.

M Fanfare

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Upholding a proud tradition. In 1909, 250 to 400 (reports vary) of the crew of the USS Michigan (BB-27), which was docked at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, went to Franklin Field to cheer on Yost's Wolverines as they upset mighty Penn 12-6. Penn was the defending national champion and was on a 23-game winning streak.


The battleship USS Michigan:

Presentation of a flag by the crew to the team prior to kickoff:

The banner itself:

Shield which resides in the Towsley Museum at Schembechler Hall:


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Not everyone on this crew is from the state though, correct? It's just a connection to the name of the boat, right? I feel dumb for asking that but I think this is really cool either way.