Using boxing gloves in practice to train DBs not to hold

Submitted by crg on October 12th, 2017 at 1:31 PM
Interesting concept that Clemson is using now (apparently appropriated from Belichek's staff). I'm curious if the UM defensive staff had considered it (though holding doesn't seem to be a big problem at the moment). Has anyone else seen this employed at other schools (or HS's)? Could this work with OL practice also, where holding is a much bigger problem?…



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We got Don Brown. And Zordich is like the Dali Lama of the defensive backfield. 

Seriously though, I thought DB would be a serious weakness this year, but they have been stellar. This is NOT the area in which we currently need to improve.

Got some tips for better OL training?

Bowling shoes?

Swimming arm floaties?

Base jumping wing suit?

kevin holt

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I think that's really stupid in college honestly. NFL rules, sure. In college you should train them to be stealthy about it (best example being Jourdan Lewis). Failing that you should coach them to do whatever they want because P.I. is random and they can't call everything (hashtag no fly zone)


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Tommy Amaker once had his team hold bricks while they were playing on defense during practice to teach them not to reach.  But I'm not sure that helped all that much...


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I have thought about this often though(ok I'm too into football).   My thought is that Olineman should have to wear some sort of glove.  This would prevent holding other than flat out hugging the guy which would be obvious.  

Seems like a good  teaching tool for DB's.


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the running backs use this practice technique. I don't quite understand why we don't keep Hill into block on some of these pass plays but he does have great hands for the most part.


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at the middle school and high school level about ten years ago with my linemen and even advocated to the MHSAA to consider implementing it as a requirement...made holding SOOO obvious because the only way was a full arm wrap. Likewise our line liked it, said it actually protected their fingers. The only exception was obviously our center, but only the snapping hand was free. For what that's worth.


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OL has to hold in many cases, and theyre coached to keep hands inside - tough to punch and control defenders via chest plate without using ones digits so its unlikely for OL (though i guess it could work for locating punches).

good idea for DBs.  coaches use tons of different methods (many seemingly unorthodox) to teach technique (ie firing tennis balls at receivers) so wouldnt surprise me if they had something similar in practice


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Those beasts needs strong-ass hands and putting gloves on them in practice is begging for injuries in games -- must train soft tissues and muscles in hands to be strong strong strong. OL need to be grabbing all the time in games; they just need good positioning and leverage to avoid a flag. (So simple, right?)