USF Camp (Cole/Scott)

Submitted by big10football on June 18th, 2013 at 9:16 PM

I know there has been some discussion about how unique Michigan's Sound Mind Sound Body camp is because it gives college coaches the opportunity to coach high school kids, including kids they are recruiting.  It appears that USF has a camp where their coaches can do that as well.  It is in no way similar to Michigan's though, except for the fact that college coaches coach high school kids.  Apparently at their camp, entire high school teams attend the camp together and compete against each other in full pads.

This year, four  teams made it in: Durant, Ida Baker, Palm Harbor and East Lake.  George Campbell didn't attend, and I was too lazy to see if the other three non-East Lake schools have D-1 prospects, but apparently Mason Cole and Artavis Scott "separated themselves from the rest of the pack."


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What ever happened with this kid are we still in the works of maybe getting him or not I know we're taking a small class so I was jus curious and haven't heard anything more about him except right after Peppers committed and was talking to him on twitter