USC willing to pay $6M/year for Football HC

Submitted by The Geek on November 15th, 2013 at 4:05 PM

According to an ESPN report here, USC (Pat Haden) is going to smash the piggy-bank to get a big-name head coach. Thought this was interesting as we collectively ponder changes.


One industry source told me this week that USC is willing to extend an offer of up to $6 million a year to get its man. Yes, that’s more than Nick Saban makes (for now).



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SC got the hammer because the Bush family ripped off the wannabe agents who were paying them.  Without those guys actively pursuing it, this case would have fallen somewhere between Cam Newton at Auburn and Charles Woodson here (had links to a shady agent he signed with and later sued that probably involved at least some cash/gifts that weren't kosher).  I.E. nothing would have happened at an NCAA level.

Shakey Jake

November 16th, 2013 at 10:19 AM ^

they didn't cooperate with the NCAA and pretty much told the NCAA to go bugger off. Had USC worked with the NCAA, you can bet they would not have been hit so hard and would have ended up like Miami who did cooperate with the NCAA from the get go. The arrogance of USC is what did them in.


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Yeah, SC was really bending the rules because Matt Leinart's dad didn't want his son living in a shitty apartment and let one of his less fortunate teammates live there without paying more than he could afford on his rent stipend.  What a renegade program.

That must be why they kicked our ass in the Rose Bowl.


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here's another one I can keep digging?

There was information in the record that the former head football coach encouraged sports marketer A to hire student-athletes as interns. A current NFLPA certified agent ("sports agent B") is the chairman of a sports agency and a colleague of sports marketer A. He reported that the former head football coach asked sports marketer A to consider hiring football student-athletes as interns in his agency. Sports agent B reported:

(Sports marketer A) was like, `yeah, here's (the former head football coach) and the year before, he, he's tryin' to get me to hire, you know, three players, you know


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You're absolutely right! It was all Reggie! OJ Mayo was innocent, I tell ya! He didn't take a dime from that other booster and agent! And the women's tennis team had no reason to make hundreds of long distance phone calls on university dime when Facebook got popular around 2005 or something! Get the net! Justice for USC!


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As usual the "Michigan Man" Zealots are out in full force.  Just interview and hire the best coach available.  A program like Michigan should be able to draw the top coaches, whether they have ties to the program or not.  Michigan should expect to have the best and pick from a broad pool of candidates. 

I am starting to think the "Michigan Man" mantra is more about taking care of friends of the program, rather than winning football games.


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No, its just that old players think that being a Michigan Man honestly helps win games. And on top of that, they think a Michigan Man would run a clean program.

They could be wrong, of course, but they've got 50 years of winning with Michigan Men and 3 years of disaster without. I think they are honest to goodness believers in a system that they were raised in and won in and believe in. Again, they could be wrong, but I wouldn't consider it anything else than a good faith effort to keep the program strong and clean.


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But Yost begat Kipke, who won 2 NC. And Crisler begat Oosterban, who won a NC. Bo begat Carr, who won a NC.

Michigan Man, as we know it today, basically means a guy who comes from the Bo line of coaches. We've always extended this opportunity to guys who played/coached under the previous legend. And, it has often worked, at least for a period of time. We will see if it does with Hoke.


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And - frankly - everyone knew what the strategy was for hiring Kiffin anyway: Get us through the sanctions. By and large, Kiffin got 75% of the way there. He would've been given another year had he not lost the entire team. 

And - you are right - Kiffin was not Haden's pick. So, the clock was ticking the moment Haden came back to town on Kiffin's contract (because - according to a lot of USC alums - Haden directly blames Kiffin for Bush's recruitment. Whether true or untrue, who knows?).

Sac Fly

November 15th, 2013 at 4:15 PM ^

You have the opportunity to pull in any coach you want. If he doesn't win, you risk 3-4 of cellar dwelling because the buyout is way too big to get rid of him.

Gorgeous George

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Assuming Saban stays put, which big name coach might leave his current situation to take all that USC money/would be a mega-hire that USC would be happy with? Because if it's Chris Peterson or Gary Patterson or one of those always-mentioned guys, it's not really the home run hire that dollar figure suggests they want. Who is in that echelon?