USC- Sanctions, Anyone?

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I read this morning on ESPN that yet another blue chip quarterback has committed to the Trojans. For months, going on years, I have been wondering what, if anything is going to happen to USC for alleged serious NCAA violations involving Reggie Bush and nearly every player recruited under Pete Carrol. As the time goes by, and the question of "what is going to happen to USC" almost seems to become a rhetorical question, Kiffin gets hired, blue chip after blue chip recruits swarm to So-Cal, time marches on.

This investigation started in 2006, NCAA went all judge-jury-executioner on Michigan in like six months for exceeding, uhh, stetching(???) regulations during the off-season. Reggie Bush got paid, USC players had houses and cars and bling. The NCAA has their answers, was Carrol's departure enough to shut this thing down. If USC is continuing to clean up on the recruiting trail, are these kids just OK with playing for a program on probation and banned from bowl eligibility, or are the Trojans going to be allowed to basketball-saction away their crimes against humanity. I have done some limited research on the course of the investigation and have found very little. What the hell is going on with USC, and when?



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I think the bigger issue is the difference between public and private institutions. Michigan opened up immediately because they had to, and the procedures have gone much more quickly. USC showed the NCAA what they wanted to and left the NCAA to try to find the rest. I will admit that I don't know exactly how it all breaks down, but the fact that there are any differences at all in the access the NCAA has to an institution makes for unbalanced regulations.


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USC has been under the gun for years and the NCAA has not fired a shot. Unlike us we will take our lumps now since everyday we have some more bad stuff happen to us.

If one of you can direct me to the idiot who broke a mirror in A2 or made a deal with the devil so I can slap him that would be great. After VP Biden used Rich Rod leaving WV in a speech I think it is safe to say everyone hates us right now or will kick us to gain a few votes.

The bright side of the nightmare is everything that can go wrong has for us if you start back at losing Bo, FU St, I hate you Boone NC, and so on... USC is the NFL team in LA so why would the NCAA do what is right and crack down on them? I mean practice time and recored keeping is way worse then paying kids and buying condo's for families.

Keep on trucking my fellow Wolverines. Go Blue!


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Once everyone realizes how poor of a coach Lane Kiffin is, top recruits will stop choosing USC anyways.

Still though, if he NCAA doesn't penalize USC, I could see this setting off a chain reaction of many schools choosing to "compensate" players.


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your Rodriguez hatred stengthened by posing straw man arguments to which any response will convince you that, indeed, anybody that can talk Michigan football without insulting Rich Rodriguez does not have common sense and is not a "Michigan man." Give it up man, you are not the first, and will not be the last, old news.

Go Blue.


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1. Big Bank Theory: both USC in football and Kentucky in basketball seem "too big to fail." The NCAA seems to look the other way or move at such a glacial pace that Reggie Bush's son will probably matriculate before sanctions.

2. As far as USC football recruiting, the HC doesn't really recruit. He's sort of at the ultimate pigskin deli counter taking orders. It's the "SG Effect" and it involves two final stops for each potential 5 star commit:

The Practice Field

The Beach


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1. Big Bank Theory: both USC in football and Kentucky in basketball seem "too big to fail." The NCAA seems to look the other way or move at such a glacial pace that Reggie Bush's son will probably matriculate before sanctions.

You're going to use Kentucky basketball as an example of a school for which the NCAA would "look the other way"? Really?


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A couple of points to keep in mind...

1. If the school is not bowl eligible for a couple years, there are still 12 other games to be played, and playing at USC will get a player more exposure than they would get at most programs, even if the school loses its bowl eligibility.

2. If the eventual sanctions are extremely harsh, players (particularly elite recruits) always have the option of transferring, which is a much more accepted practice today than it was 10 years ago.


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re exposure at SC, however, they were not an NFL breeding ground before Carroll, hell, they ceased to have any relevance at all for about ten years before he took over the team, during what I believe was actually a result of past NCAA sanctions(I think). USC's recent success has put them at the center of the college football universe right now, but I don't see them as the stuff of legends-this invincible college football power that can land top recruits regardless of their fate. Just strange.


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on the wrist. I hate to say it, but buying an Escalade for a player, or paying for his parents house seems to be OK if you go to USC. This University is immune to the NCAA and their rules. It will be really bad when they ask Michigan to practice less this year in order to "give back" the time they spent over the summer workouts. I guess they like to kick teams when they are down, and look the other way when your program is on top.

PS - Proper blog etiquette: DON'T FEED THE TROLL. If you talk to him he will grow like the virus he is. If you ignore, he will go away.


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is directed at me... and I'm not a troll at all. I'm still confused as hell as to what happened in the Andre Y thread yesterday and why I got ripped apart for saying I was disappointed in RR.


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If I remember right you weren't saying that you were disappointed. You said that RR has continued to recruit people with questionable character. For instance:

I wasn't aware that one good deed replaces a trend of questionable behavior. Pacman, Feagin, Demar, leaving WVU, practice times, etc.."

Seriously if you want to include anyone why don't you include Noel Devine who was a 5* that no one would touch with a 10 foot pole because of his legal issues. And at WVU he got into no trouble and was a huge player for the team. You honestly cannot form your own opinion for the guy and are spouting out the bs that Sharpe, Rosenberg, et al spew.

That's why you got neg banged to hell... Because you are wrong.


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Honestly I think that RR is more of a disciplinarian than Coach Carr was. Sure he took more risks with kids but also knew that he could control them more.

But that's just like my e-pinion man.


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And Feagin got thrown off of the team at the first sign of trouble. Unlike some other coach in the state who gives players who commited felonies while on the roster second chances.


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The troll I see on this page thinks he's got common sense... The reason I really like blogging here is you get fewer trolls per thread than any other site. If you keep feeding them, they will grow like tribbles and pretty soon the whole Enterprise will be full of them.

As far as getting negbanged for having an opposite stance - I agree that some people just hit the down arrow when they don't agree with you. That is not what I think it's intended for. One of the best things about this site is to argue and debate and you need a contrary position to do that. Even Monty Python could tell you that.


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It's not wrong. I wasn't aware I had to list every single questionable player RR's has ever recruited and list specific incidents. Sorry for not writing a fucking research paper on what is a pretty damn good blog. I support Michigan football like I said earlier. Tell me where I lied and I'll apologize but this is ridiculous.


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I'd love to hear how you've never received a second chance. Honestly you must hate every coach. You must hate Lloyd Carr. There is no coach in the world that has never taken someone with "questionable character". Look at Dantonio it's a revolving door prison over there.

I would personally rather take a chance on a kid and keep a short leash on them and try to help them turn their life around. Anyone can take a bunch of choir boys from a good family anda good catholic school with good grades and get them to stay out of trouble and graduate.

This has been discussed ad nauseum here that it's good for RR to take SOME fliers on kids that he knows are trying to turn their life around.

Do you want me to spit out the names of all of the kids that screwed up underneath Lloyd Carr who was supposedly the best nicest guy ever in the history of the world?


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student athletes? But nah that is exactly what the media doesn't want to report about. Stories like Elliot and Brock I'm sure show that RR is a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE HUMAN BEING! He even made Justin Boren A LEGACY FOR GODS SAKE! Go to OSU! FAMILY VALUES HAVE ERODED FROM OUR PROGRAM!

Get a fucking clue. Does it make sense for RR to think "This kid can help me win games I'm on the hot seat I want him"... YES but I also think that he legitimately cares about the kids.

But neither of us will know the truth because we can't see into his mind and know exactly what he's thinking.

But the question for you is this: If RR wasn't sure if a kid could make it why would he recruit him if he MUST WIN NOW? Why not take the sure guy to get as many warm bodies here as possible? (I know I jsut blew your mind like this:)


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I will take the neg hit and respond... even though I agree with most if not all of what you said and people will be dumb enough not to read it and just down vote.

I loved Lloyd Carr all the way through believe it or not. I appreciate that the standards of AA are still upheld for the most part especially when you take tOSU and EL into consideration. I have no issues with guys given a second chance and I know the 3rd and 4th strikes were mentioned in the AY thread last night.

I am young enough to where I barely remember the guys you speak of and those 'incidents' (Marcus Ray was mentioned earlier among others whose names I can't remember). I wish we could recruit all those fine upstanding citizens and average 10-11 wins a year but those days are gone for us and the rest of D-1 football.

Dunno why all this started... Just like most of the people on here, I refuse to settle for 5-7. That's all I was trying to point out in the first place.

Monocle Smile

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Is in a galaxy far, far away from accusing Rodriguez of making questionable moral decisions and being more concerned about himself than Michigan.

I see you didn't read the diary about the ridiculous attrition Armageddon that happened at the end of the Carr era. No coach could do good things after that.

If you want to blame someone for this fiasco, Bill Martin et al make far more sense, seeing as they hired a coach who would no doubt install an offensive scheme which was the polar opposite of Lloydball rather than scan pro-style options elsewhere. Rich Rod wasn't anywhere near the first choice, but there are definitely coaches that Ryan Mallett (even thought he's a bitch) would have stayed for.

On top of that, what constructive things come out of bashing a coach's recruiting decisions, especially when those decisions turned out to be the right ones (kept Pacman, Lazear clean at WVU) and helped him win at the same time? And the "I don't remember Marcus Ray" spiel is bullshit. I wasn't old enough either, but ignorance is no excuse.