USC or Texas should hire Narduzzi

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Seriously, why is he at MSU? He should have been hried away long ago. He is seriously producing an alabama level defense with 3 star players. There is no way he should be at MSU right now. Imagine if he had the recruits that he could bring in at USC or Texas. He would have an NFL level defense. Thoughts? 



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I know I read this in a few different places over the last year or two but I cannot find the links so take this with a heaping grain of salt, BUT:

I recall reading/hearing that, while he is a fantastic coach, he is also a terrible recruiter (duh). He "doesn't have the personality/mentality of a head coach," whatever that might mean.

My guess is that he simply doesn't want the extra activities of a head coach. Maybe what is above is somewhat true and he knows or thinks that he wouldn't make a good Head Coach and would prefer to focus on coordinating.

OR MAYBE (wild theory here) Narduzzi is actually the unofficial head coach (or co HC) of MSU. Dantonio has said that Narduzzi tends to take on more responsibilities than his position demanded in the past so why couldn't that include some Head Coaching duties?


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As I stated in an earlier thread on the same topic these type of topics are pathetic because it makes the fan base sound like UM cannot compete with MSU coaches.  "Why hasnt ABC coach been scooped up by someone else" infers " we dont have to deal with him anymore."  Maybe UM needs to find their own Narduzzi then?   Or their own Dantonio.  For all we know Dantonio is the mastermind and Narduzzi just is the face.  

MSU was very close to firing 2009 (or at least the fan base wanted it badly) - so I dont think he suddenly turned into a genius alone but we'll soon see.  There is literally no where to go but down for Narduzzi after this year's senior loaded #1 defense - Oregon and OSU are on their schedule next year... well OSU will be on their schedule this year too in the championship game.

The bigger picture is look at what other team's coaches can do with less talent than ours.  That should be the subject of this...not hoping / wishing / asking why someone cannot whisk away a rival coach so that our games become easier.  Which is what all these threads are at the subconscious level.


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Tnese threads do suck.

Narduzzi is good at his job but he does have the advantage of a Senior laden defense that he's coached well and who played great. 

 This sort of thing runs in cycles in the college game (citing here our one time nemesis/hot candidate for DC everywhere Manny Diaz and also Florida HC Will Muschamp - both of whom have had limited success since departing Miss State and Texas respectively). 

If Narduzzi was smart he'd stay at Sparty; particularly given Manny Diaz' experience.


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For HC, not even close. MSU would be crushed by the top 10 teams. Michigan having a bad HC and OC (the two sdsu guys) doesnt mean hes good.