USC makes changes-- Drevno to coach OL

Submitted by BlueinLansing on October 29th, 2018 at 6:18 PM

I think Helton is feeling the pressure and realizes his job is at stake.  Mid-season coaching moves like this are never good.



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Stop dumping on Drevno . He is a west coast guy and they underestimated the clickiness of the high school coaches in the Midwest and he couldn't get good players he neeeed. Wasnt a coincidence we'd keep losing our targets late...many in the midwest we're working hard against him.  He is a good coach and will do great things, and I will root for him, unlike many dickheads here.  



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He is also the WEST coast guy that offered a certain 4* OL target on the west coast but never contacted him again until he couldn’t close the deal on a certain 5* and then began to blow him up a basically beg to meet and talk. 

Drevno set up a recruiting visit at this WEST COAST guys school w the head coach and player etc: and wouldn’t u know he NO SHOWED and never contacted this player or coach again to cancel explain etc: 

Said kid now is a Remington watch kid and probably gonna leave after his junior year is one of the top OL man in the country. I know this story to be fact and true. Drev is about Drev and has always been. No love lost here. 


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I could be overreacting here, and if I am, do feel free to say, "LSA, shut up" and I certainly will not take offense. Is this not the sort of move that you make when you've been, well, talked to by the USC administration?

Jaque From Space

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We will see how good Tim Drevno is at coaching an offensive line. USC is currently ranked 116th in the Nation in rushing (120.9 per game), 53rd in passing. We will see if those numbers go up.

Florida St, with Greg Frey coaching the offensive line, is currently ranked 128th in rushing (83.5 per game), 36th in passing.


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I think Frey is a decent OL coach based on his overall track record. I recall some insider buzz that he actually didn't really do any coaching on the OL, 99% with just the TE's. The whole interior OL with one coach and exterior with another was just weird to begin with as well.

Either way, I'm very glad we ended up with Warinner. Definitely the best we've had here in a long time based on early results.


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Been looking at OL minutiae partly for fun, and then some more as I put together the diary I posted today. And, wow, are things different with Warinner here. Looking at footage from last year's line is just torturous. 

We'll never know exactly how responsibilities were divided (and how they changed) through the course of 2017. But it was bad, bad, bad. 

Section 1.8

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What is funny to me is that if anybody had asked me last week what Drevno was doing now, I'd have said, "He went back to USC and is the OL coach there..."  I'm not sure I ever knew that he went back as coach of running backs and "passing coordinator."

Are memories so short, that no one remembers Drevno coming to Michigan, and people here raving about Drevno's success at USC and Stanford coaching up those offensive lines? 


Jaque From Space

October 29th, 2018 at 7:08 PM ^

He did well at the 49ers too. The 1 year the 49er O line was bad when Harbaugh was there, the last year he was there, Drevno had left the 49ers and was at USC. The 49ers were bad that year, mainly the offensive line was bad. Remember the Thanksgiving game that year, against Seattle? Frank Gore had 28 yds rushing. That game was also the beginning of the end for Kaepernik at San Francisco.


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With the insane buyouts that are now standard in the contracts that big time football schools are giving their head coaches I expect to see a lot more of these types of moves in the coming years.