USA vs Brazil tonight

Submitted by goblue85 on July 16th, 2012 at 4:03 PM

USA plays 2nd exhibition game tonight against the Brazilians.  I expect another comfortable victory for Americans.  Looking forward to Olympics and should be gold medal for USA again.   But no way could this team beat the 1992 Dream team lol. 



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For a second I thought you meant soccer and was wondering what kind of crack you were smoking that the US team would be winning comfortably against Brazil.





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It would all come down to whether they played with 2012 refs or 1992 refs.  If 2012 refs, the Dream Team would all foul out and leave the game fuming.  If 1992 refs, the current roster would leave the game in tears.  This is the point I come back to every time someone compares current players to the players of the 80s and 90s.  It was a dog fight back then.  Now it's a tea party.


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Dream Team would beat this years team handily.  I think there's a good argument the 2000 team would beat this years.  Stockton, Reggie Miller, Pippen, Maline, and Robinson with Payton, Barkley, Grant Hill, and Penny Hardaway coming off the bench. 

The Shredder

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I can't take you seriouly when you put Lebron at C. 


People who think this team could be beat the dream team are Prisoners of the moment. Just stop. I have the dream team games on DVD. Not even close. I could hear this if Howard and Wade and Rose were around but with out them this topic is a complete joke. The 08 team is better then the this one. 

Dream Team also had some dogs. Just flat out killers. Outside Kobe their ist much dog in this team. 

Brazil's size right now is giving the USA fits. The reason you think Big men don't matter anymore is because there are no great ones anymore. The Bigs in the 90s were great and there was depth in the league. A guy like Ric Smits would be a all star in todays NBA since most the C are pure garbage these days. 

no joke its hoke

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Ewing and Robinson is the real factor why this years team would have no shot against the real Dream Team. This years team has no size and those team would clean the glass all day on them.


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You can't really compare rebounding totals of current players with numbers from 20 years ago and say that makes them better.  There are lots of factors like the competition they faced, how well their temmates rebounded and what % of rebounds they grabbed while on the floor. 


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I tonight you were talking about soccer! F! I was thinking it was strange my wife didn't mention Brazil was playing us. Back to nothing to watch. Go USA still.


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Up until the last sentence, I thought you were just being an ass.

Especially since the US already had a friendly against Brazil (got killed) and didn't qualify for the Olympics (total choke job).


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Lebron with a steal, to Kobe with the alley-oop to Durant in a competititve game. It doesn't get much more awesome than that. Excepting, of course, Bird to Isiah feeding MJ so successfully in the All Star games.


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I think people tend to forget that the original Dream Team lost their first scrimmage to a group of top college players that included Chris Webber & Penny Hardaway. 


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How much did Jordan play that game? Yeah, not too much. I think coach Daly was trying to prove a point that scrimmage. There were a log of egos on that team. Being able to break those walls down enabled that team to play so great together. They eventually became unselfish and beat every team by over 40 points.

Zone Left

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I know two things:

1. This year's team will face much better competition.
2. The 1992 uniforms and warmups will never be topped by the 2012 team.

The looks on the players' faces during the video remind me of how I felt watching them when I was a kid.

Also, Kobe isn't the player he was 3-4 years ago, which would really hurt this team against the 1992 team.


July 17th, 2012 at 10:30 AM ^

The two eras are totally different, but I agree that the argument that the 1992 team was unstoppable seemed silly to me.  The number of elite basketball players from other countries in that tournament pales in comparison to today's international game, and the original Dream Team would have had quite a bit of trouble with the Brazil's and Spain's of the world now.

Also, man those shorts were awesome.  I remember basically every guy at my grade school wearing them when we played pick-up.