USA VS BELGIUM extra time thread

Submitted by Gobgoblue on July 1st, 2014 at 5:58 PM
Hope this isn't overkill for all the non soccer fans out there. I figure after 300 comments we can use a fresh start. Here we go! USA showing better form now. Is it just me or is Jones not playing well at all?



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...and the feeling was (I don't know if there's any data to back it up) that players tended to play it safe when they knew there was no chance for recovery if they made a mistake that led to a goal. Teams stayed back, fewer goals were scored (allegedly).

And do you really wish we'd been spared that last 27 minutes? The intensity really kicks up when one team becomes desperate. That's why I still think they should take the penalties before the extra time instead of after. Whichever team won the penalties wins the game if it finishes tied; the other team is forced to go for it.


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I actually think they should go sudden death and play for as long as it takes, no shootout.  You can't just play not to lose if there's literally no way to advance without scoring.  If there's still too much playing defensively even after that, take one player for each team off the pitch every five minutes until someone scores.  No one is going to be able to sit back and defend if it's 5 on 5 out there.  That may not seem like authentic soccer of course, but then what is penalty kicks?

I feel the same way about hockey, for what it's worth.  No shootouts.  Start taking players off the ice if you have to, but give me a decision, not a draw with some silly exhibition deciding things.


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Soccer players calibrate their effort to make sure they can last the required time. If they know the game can't possibly go longer than 120 minutes they can play at a 120-minute pace. If the game might go on all day, they'll pace themselves accordingly. And it will go on all day. And the next--I can't find a link but didn't that happen in Pennsylvania once?


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At least we made it close and Belgium had to earn every point. I don't think we would have made it close against Argentina anyway. Still plan on watching the World Cup though, now it's nothing but the best teams going head to head.

Sten Carlson

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1 minute of stoppage time?!?  Really?!?  1?!?  I've watched almost all of every game this WC and I cannot think of one game that had 1 minute of stoppage time.  Fucking pathetic.  Portugal got 5, IIRC, and it seemed there wasn't but a few stops!

Fucking lame!

Sten Carlson

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Fine!   But that doesn't mean that FIFA isn't going to give the US a chance to tie the game against Belgium.  It was obivious.  Did you see Coach K's reaction?!?

It's a fucking farce, as was the lack of calls when Jones is getting hit studs up over and over.  I love soccer, and I love the World Cup, but it was OBVIOUS at the end that FIFA wasn't going to give the US anything.

Sten Carlson

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I agree the US got out played, and that they had opportunities to score.  But 1 minute is asinine. If you don't agree, fine.  But I am not throwing a tantrum, I am expressing my discontent with the way the refs handled the end of the game -- because we ALL know that that FIFA is above reproach!


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Well, how about the US do virtually anything for the first 90 minutes of the game (other than allow Belgium to rain in shots on goal) and you don't worry about stoppage time in OT?  I get that people are made about the loss, but jebus this bitching is the worst part of fandom.  US could have easily lost by 5 goals today with Howard playing out of his mind.  Belgium was the better team, the FAR better team, and they deserved to win. 

Sten Carlson

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"You may need to adjust the tinfoil."

What does that mean?  Oh wait, I get it ... because I think that the ref, about whom Klinsman expressed concern prior to the game, gave too little stoppage time (about which Klinsman complained vehmently during the game), I must be a *gasp* "conspiracy therorist" who -- to block "them" from reading his mind -- wears a hat of foil.  Now THAT is a good one.  Did you come up with that all on your own cuz that is pure comedic GENIUS!

I don't own any tinfoil, it freaks me out, and I certainly don't have a hat of one -- I do, however, own a nice chunck of RAI that has done very well.  I'll sell you some if you like.  It just made a 52 week high, but it is only going up from here, trust me muppet, trust me.

Belgium's dominance is meaningless.



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You didn't just complain that the officiating was bad.  Rather you ranted ad nauseam that there was a conspiracy involving not only the referee but FIFA as well.  We all know that FIFA sucks--but not tacking on another minute is a pretty lame attempt to throw the game.

Sorry, when I hear the word conspiracy, I start thinking Area 51 and....tinfoil.

Also, notice how absolutely no one here agrees with you.  

Sten Carlson

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" ranted ad nauseam..."

Hopefully you puked your brains out!  I disagree with your assessment of my posts as ranting, and that the frequency ascended to the level of ad nauseam.  But, you're welcome to my opinion.

"Sorry, when I hear the word conspiracy, I start thinking Area 51 and....tinfoil."

And why should I care what weird associations you have?  It's funny how people dismiss things out of hand when there might be more than one perp involved -- as if the "lone gunman" is the ONLY scenario possible.  I call people who express the sentiment that you're expressing "Coincidence Therorists."  It's odd to me because so many things in history have born out to be actual "conspiracies" in which a group of people united to achieve a common goal.  Whether this one was or not, who knows.  But I find it funny that you think that by throwing out the "tinfoil hat" meme you elevate your position.

"Also, notice how absolutely no one here agrees with you."

Again, I am supposed to care why?  Unlike you, apparently, I form my own opinions whether they run with the crowds sentiment or not.  Run with the herd all you want, enjoy yourself.  But don't expect me to alter my beliefs simply because others don't agree.  You all could be dumbledicks who know nothing.  But then again, I could be too.  Not sure why you have to get so upset about my thoughts.  But, I am flattered that you care so much.

My fan club is accepting donations.



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Can someone explain to me why this team seemed to be on the attack more so in overtime than during the first 90 ? Once they got down 2-0 it seemed like they kicked up the intensity


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Moving people up in those numbers is only an option when the other team moves their entire team into a defensive position.  


But a lot of teams do run a counter attack minded offense.  You just won't see numbers up to that extent until there's desperation.  

Switzerland had their goal keeper take a bicycle kick in their game earlier today.