USA Today Misery Index....Michigan #6

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Well scroll down and read us at #6..... Can really disagree with anything that was written. Basic points are with no long term AD no real coach will come.... On surface looks like president has no idea about college athletics so no real coach.... Basically AD Dept is complete dumpster fire hence no real coach will come.... Gonna be a LOOOOONG off season!! Check out this article from USA TODAY:

Misery Index Week 13: Lost in Lincoln



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Hey, I didn't have any trouble understanding the OP. You must be stupid or something if you couldn't figure it out.

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Mods can impose vote counts. See, for example, Wolverine Devotee's post-emailgate million-point boost. Most likely CarolinaBlue posted something offensive or stupid or offensively stupid and got a nice big 100,000-vote neg.


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Indeed, I posted three threads. CC: Al Borges, CC: Rich Rodriguez, and CC: MGoBlog, which were intended to illustrate that we fans are not as knowledgable as we think we are.

People generally do not like being reminded that they are not experts but passionate laypersons, so massive downvoting ensued. LSAClassof2000 closed the first two threads, took away all my points [oh noes!] and told me to stop being a meanie, which... fine, it's your board I guess.

P.S. there is a thing called the Dunning-Kruger effect [ ] and the vast majority of posters here suffer from it.


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I heard a rumor that Schlissel was hired specifically to reign in Brandon over the summer. Now we're stuck with someone who has no college athletic experience who has no desire to hire an AD in the month timeline that we had. So now we better hope Hackett can get the big boys or we're fucked for 3-4 more years.


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Look at the schools perceived to be more miserable than Michigan:

1.  Nebraska

2. YTM

3. Southern Cal

4. Va Tech

5. Notre Dame


Those schools are all having better seasons than Michigan.   Four of them have multiple National Championships.   So, I guess the Maize and Blue are in good company.


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I have no issue with Hackett handling the evaluation of Hoke and the program at the end of the season.  But the thought that a top tier coach may not want to come here with no permanent AD in place and a president that doesn't seem see the importance of the football program to the livelihood of the Athleticv Dept and popularity of the university.

If I thought Schissel was going to be choosing the next head coach I would be very worried.  At this point, I am mildly concerned about the next AD.  I hope and pray that Hackett sees that the atheltic dept and especially the football program are going "All-in" on this hire of the next football coach.

Get this one right and Michigan can return to it's former and rightful place as one of the top programs in the country.  Get it wrong, go for the underachiever again, go for the non-marquee choice and this program could wither away and have to cancel the PSD program because no one will pay $2000-$4000 a season to watch mediocre Purdue-like football in a half empty stadium every week.

Hackett better be playing his cards very close to the vest and have two aces up his sleeve, one is Jim Harbaugh or Les Miles and the other is a Jeff Long or Brad Bates type AD.  Someone who has made a creer out of being an AD and understands the athletic side and fan side as much as the money side.

These two hires will define this program for the next decade and beyond.


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The real mystery is how Nebrashka, SC, and Notre Dame are more miserable. The Huskers could win ten games, ND smoked Michigan 31-0, and SC has had quality wins against Arizona, Stanford, and lost on last second plays to Arizona State and Utah.


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This article is BS. I try to never read anything in McPaper anyway, but there is no basis for his characterization of a chaotic AD and an indifferent president. If anything, I'd say both have demonstrated a good deal of concern (at least publicly--which is what most of us have to go on) about the future of the program and its leadership. This article amounts to journalistic trolling.

MoJo Rising

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How could someone so smart be so stupid to not come here and start a thread asking MGOBLOGGERS what he should do since so many of us have more experience in handling the complex issues that he is dealing with right now. They really don't make University Presidents like they use to. 


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I feel like the writer probably thought Michigan was the clear #1, then realized he was going to be 973rd writer to pile on in the last 24 hours, and decided he'd go for the "fresh, unexpected" angle and bump them down to #6. 


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most of those teams head of Michigan had decent starts to the season but have recently tanked (Nebraska, ND, VaTech). Michigan has been a disastor the whole way through.


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criticizing Schissel and Hackett. For whatever reason, there are some people on this blog singing their praises despite both of them saying and doing some questionable things.