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The media has a herd instinct and fixates on two or three negative stories at a time. They look for more bad news as offshoots to the primary story, justified or not.

Right now, Michigan football is up there with Roger Goodell and maybe one or two others. I don't think it's big enough from a national perspective to get this much attention for an extended period of time. Another shiny object will come along.


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Hoke didn't see Morris get crushed, and needed to be helped to stay on his feet?  You really believe that the guy who is front and center of the sideline for every play of every game didn't notice Morris was hurt? 


I'm sure Brady has some ocean front property in Nebraska to sell you too.


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Is getting fired tomorrow man. And DB will be dismissed before the end of the year. "Who are we going to get" is no longer a relevant question. Michigan needs to separate from Brady Hoke. It has gone below any acceptable standard an we are going to start losing commitments. This era is over, decisively.


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Is getting fired tomorrow man. And DB will be dismissed before the end of the year. "Who are we going to get" is no longer a relevant question. Michigan needs to separate from Brady Hoke. It has gone below any acceptable standard an we are going to start losing commitments. This era is over, decisively.


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CokeGate went national/viral last week, and now this -- which, obviously, is FAR worse, because this is a human being with a delicate human brain we're talking about here.

Hoke is, and should be, DONE, at the University of Michigan. We deserve better than this. And kids like Shane Morris certainly deserve better.


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"Morris clearly wobbles and tries to prop his head on Ben Braden's right arm to remain upright. Braden recognizes this and uses both arms to catch Morris and prevent him from falling to the ground. Braden then keeps his right arm wrapped around Morris' back to keep him standing."

Waters Demos

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Will be interesting to see how this guy can credibly repeat his mantra of caring most about the kids in light of this incident.

It would appear that he doesn't care about winning or losing, and now doesn't seem to care about well-being of players.  What's left?  What can he possibly hang his hat on without looking not only like an incompetent fool, but also a selfish, self-entrenched, platitude-spitting snake?

snarling wolverine

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Same here.  I was at the game and had no idea he'd been hit in the head.  I don't think most people around me knew either.  We knew he had a leg injury though, and fans were booing over the fact he hadn't been pulled for that.  If the entire crowd had seen what the TV audiences saw, it would have gotten nasty in the stadium.




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Dear Mr. Brandon,
My son and I watched with horror what happened to Shane Morris yesterday.  My son experienced the same type of hit a few years ago. His coach took a time out, sent the team's physician onto the field and then immediately sent my son to the locker room.  Because of his head coach's decision, there was no permanent damage to my son and he has since completely recovered from his concussion.
It was inexcusable for Mr. Hoke to leave Shane out there to play when everyone watching the game could see that he needed immediate medical attention.  If you do not severely reprimand Mr. Hoke and the team's physician, then I hope and expect the NCAA to take appropriate action. 
Given what we all saw yesterday, I wonder how many parents would discourage their sons from joining a team coached by Mr. Hoke.
My son was playing high school football as a RB when he took a similar hit. 


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I'll be honest, I didn't see the head stuff, but I know he was wobbling with the ankle/leg issues. Him going back in, you can somehow make an excuse for (although I don't buy it). My biggest issue is with Hoke saying he didn't see Morris hobbling around. I've defended Hoke a ton on here, but that was absolutely a bunch of BS.


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I really don't get what we're gaining by keeping Hoke as head coach at this point. 

Reports of guys being absolutely furious at coaches last night in the locker room, leaving guys in when they're clearly hurt, and recruiting is going to go in the toilet the worse we look every week with Hoke in charge. 

Fire him now and get it over with. This whole thing just disgusts me more than I ever imagined. 


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but not in this way.

RR sat Hagelin against OSU for the sake of team discipline, and avoided burning Devin Gardner's redshirt even as his job was on the line.

We still don't know what RR's role in the Gibbons fiasco was, but does anybody think that in 2009 Gibbons was such a prize that a coach would twist rules for the sake of having access to his proven skills?


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You're right about the redshirt (which he got back as a medical redshirt), but I disagree with your characterization of using him instead of Forcier as "petty."

Any coach who is serious about benching players who act in an immature way and rewarding players who perform would have treated the players that way. Devin Gardner earned the backup spot. It was appropriate that he got the playing time as the backup QB that he earned.


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With all the focus on concussions the past few years and Hoke already being on the hot seat, this will be big news this week. Hopefully Brandon will be "forced" to fire Hoke midseason. (Unlikely I know)


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It is already a national story, and I knew it would be yesterday when I saw what happened.  Hoke's soundbite answer which essentially was "he is tough, if he wanted out he would have fallen down or come to the sideline" only makes it worse - this is not 1988 its 2014 and attitudes have changed on head trauma.

The only question is how intense the flames get.  If it gets bad enough Brandon could be forced to fire him this week.  There will be talk of negligence and in this one case his lack of headphone being valid since he didnt have the capability of anyone telling him in his ear Shane is hurt.

And it doesnt matter if he had a concussion or not.  To suffer such a hit in this day and age where you are wobbling around and your own players (I saw Hayes motion to the bench) are telling the staff to pull him and you dont bring him out to test him, is impossible to defend.

This is only beginning - by Tuesday/Wednesday this could be a national uproar in the sports world.  This is the type of thing that as more people see it will add to the fire; especially parents. 


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I don't think Hoke would be in AS MUCH hot water if he would have addressed specifics in the presser. His continual vagueness is worsening matters every day. People want specifics as to why this program is unraveling. When you don't throw them a bone and continually talk about how good they are in practice, how hard they work and we just need to execute it's going to make you look like you have lousy control, whether or not it's true.

Hoke looks like he's lost all control, and that's why he needs to go. It just keeps getting worse and his generalized statements are making the media smell blood in the water.


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I agree that Hoke has only hurt himself with his approach to press conferences.  Many here have defended this approach, in part, I suspect because the media is perceived as being the enemy.  The deceptive Gibbons info and now this.  Geezus, for all the money we spend on the program, couldn't a little go to helping this man communicate in public.  Hoke ain't a rocket scientist and doesn't do well on his own.  If nothing else, a little straight-shooting would be most welcome.


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Especially the Gibbons thing.

However, when an incident like yesterday's occurs, you cannot speak in generalities about toughness anymore. You need to actually anser the questions. You won't be able to get away with those coachspeak answers anymore. 

I generally don't care about how Hoke has kept the media in the dark. But when it looks THIS bad? You have to say something, dude. Anything. You can't keep saying "I still believe this is a championship team". The same tight-vestedness that was endearing at first has now completely reversed and might be part of his undoing. And it's part of a running theme....Hoke is absolutely unwilling to adapt on-the-fly fast enough, and seemingly oblivious to the circumstances that he should be in control of.


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And that's the problem.

This coaching staff/entire program has been unwilling to adapt and update to the modern game.

In 1988, going after the quarterback WAS a viable strategy, he would stay in the pocket, take the lick, and be visibly shaken for the rest of the game. And the O-lineman would find the opposing player and rough their shit up, BIG TIME. The unquestionable fact (whether you loved that old timey style of football or not) is that we DO NOT live in those times anymore. And, we NEVER WILL AGAIN.

The booth has TVs (as per 2011 NCAA Rules Committee changes) so either A) they're freaking dinosaurs and don't use a TV, which should get them fired no question, or B) they saw it and couldn't communicate it to Hoke because of his lack of headseat (which is his own reckless choosing and his unwillingness to modernize and get with the times for the safety of his players (which should be his NUMBER ONE priority because it sure as hell isn't "WINNING GAMES".))

Either are inexcusable, grounds for his dismissal, and a just one of the LITANY of diseases currently plaguing this program.

The don't modernize.

They don't want to.

They SPECIFICALLY said they wanted to bring Michigan to an OLDER, and OUTDATED style of play.

Alabama's winning was ALWAYS on the shoulders of it's incredible DEFENSE.

We, mgoboarders, SHOULD have really seent his coming. But we got starry-eyed, with "Michigan Man", and "An Alabama Guy".

The mere fact that our coaches have explicitly said that they're philosophy is "old-time football", should be an indicator that what they're trying to do is O-B-S-O-L-E-T-E.

The thing is....Hoke is actually SUCCEEDING.

When you "succeed" in implementing "obsolete" styles of play, you get worse.

So, I can't blame Hoke, he's competently and slowly successfully implementing and growing his obsolete program.

It's like uploading a virus.

And it's almost complete!


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This is as tone deaf a comment as I can recall hearing in a long time. He is the leader of the team--he answers for everyone, and TO us, as the Michigan community. He himself has stressed this so often that to punt at this time, on the big stage, after yet another debacle, is really ominous.   

The footage of Shane's legs buckling as he came off (there with the posted link) is pretty darned disturbing. I thought that maybe people were getting a little over-exercised, but it's worrisome. The thing about Hoke and intelligence is that he has just seemed so unaware at times. . . of the clock, of players' health, of how development of the game should influence his actions. It's crazy that we should have to remind ourselves (especially at Michigan) that intelligence is indeed an attribute of a good coach. 


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Get this guy out of here. I am sure he will find a way to get out of this mess. I hope this story gets traction. Soon.

We need him gone today, so we all have something to cheer about.


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As it should. For all the shit RR took, he pulled DRob every single time it looked even remotely questionable after a hit, even when his job possibly depended on it (eg Illinois game). Hoke seems to just as likely call you a pussy as get you medical treatmeat for something that could seriously impact your long term healtlh like a shot to the head.  What a joke, total clownshow. This guy needs to go now in my opinion, the facade has worn off.


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You could hire pretty much any top-flight high school coach in America and do better than Brady Hoke.  He's is a great recruiter, but during a game, he is 100% clueless as to what is going on on the field.  He has NO IDEA OF WHAT IS HAPPENING. 


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Reddit: If he isn't fired for saying that, at least suspend him

I don't see how you can put him out as the coach there next week or whever the next game is

Time to give him the Weis™