T-town Wolv

February 29th, 2012 at 5:10 PM ^

  • Altidore 6.5 Solid at times, lacks constitency as usual
  • Dempsey 8.5 Great goal, but too much space between him and the other mids to play  linkup balls
  • Shea 6.5 Had good linkup play and helped well defensively, lack of composure on the ball and didn't touch the ball much in the 2nd half
  • Williams 7 Same as Shea but was very constient throughout both halves, also lost the ball and looked tired at the end
  • Edu 7.5 Solid defensively, good passing and spacing in the defensive end, like to see him push forward more often
  • Bradley 9 Shined brightly, showed composure that he lacked a year ago, great passes and slowed the Italian attack at times
  • Johnson 7 Pushed forward well, great cross for the goal, like to see him perform better on the defensive end but he was more than adequate
  • Bocanegra 8 Solid, played under control minus that ugly looking tackle, covered well, like to see him pick up more on the player movement but got lucky with the offsides
  • Goodson 7 Had some moments of joy and despair with him, great ion the air, but lost his man far too often
  • Cherundolo 7.5 Another solid game for him minus the crossup late in the 2nd, good long balls and some bad ones
  • Howard 9 Solid as usual, some mishaps because of the long balls by Pirlo and lack of communication on the backline but great hands as always
  • Kljestan 6 Played his role but didn't get to push forward
  • Spector 6.5 Got in front of the ball often but let 2 easy backdoor pass turn into easy oppurtunities
  • Boyd 5.5 Good energy but not in the right area, like to see him break down the D with passing on that 2 on 2
  • Buddle 5 Last minute sub to waste clock

swan flu

February 29th, 2012 at 5:54 PM ^

I disagree quite a bit, actually. Except about Bradley.  That dude played a great game.


Edu: 5.  Made good tackles but gave the ball away too easily and was lazy recovering into position late in the game

Kljestan: 3 seriously.  Dude was ballwatching the entire time and almost allowed an Italy equalizer TWICE. 

Boyd: 3 all he did was some bush league junk against Pirlo.  Not happy with that altercation.


Spector: 8 Both times Kljestan tried to let Italy tie the game Spector stepped up and blocked the shot.

Altidore: 7 yeah he is not quite refined and needs to get stronger, but he did a good job as a "post-up" forward and got the assist.  Dude deserves credit.


swan flu

February 29th, 2012 at 8:08 PM ^

so... do you live in Italy? or are you just a troll who lives in America but roots for Italy to be a tool?


As an Italy fan, you of all people should understand the strategy USA employed after scoring that goal.

Before the US goal, the US had 5 shots to Italy's 3.  After the goal the US hunkered down and played good defense.


February 29th, 2012 at 8:22 PM ^

My father is from Italy

I been to italy many times, i just back 3 weeks ago ! in fact just went to my first serie A game

the usa is my 2nd fav team

even before that goal italy was controlling the ball and had alot of moments

i know in your moment of glory its good and all

the usa's 5 shots were basically all from outside the box

so thats like 24 yards or so

I gave you credit for the win

but not impressed by the USA in the fact that besides that 1 moment, they were outplayed !

I like what JK is doing, and scheduling tough friendlies and all.

trying to change the culture and all. its gonna take time, but you got the guy i think.

But besides that 1 moment, they were getting handled , even if your shots were 5 to 3, they were way off goal and far far far away, even the set pieces were 40 yards off or more. well besides the 1.

once again, congrats on the win

you got the W, it was ugly, and things to be worked on. thats waht the friendlies are about.

Lets remember also Italy didn't play 4 starters 

you can say well we didn't play donavan,

it was a friendly, not with anything real on the line, other then seeing who or what you got..

Lets see if you can actually even ever get to a world cup final much less a semifinal..

or will it be another 2nd round or worse exit  in the world cup from getting in from a weak Concacaf qualifying group !





February 29th, 2012 at 8:35 PM ^

Your sounding alot like the HOMER Milwaukee Brewers fans here who think Ryan Braun is clean !

Just to let ya know , i have dual citizenship !

I don't know your nationality, but i love both countries.

Know wtf your talking your talking about, cuz you sound like your talking out of your ass.

Like i said, enjoy the moment of glory, but much work ahead, if not your kidding yourself !

just because 1 team has more shots on goal does not mean they are dominating a game.

What were the shots, were they quality, possession, possession time, many aspects, but as BARCA fan you should understand that !

all it takes is one moment to lose a game, even if the other team outplayed you.

It happens in the Beautiful game.





February 29th, 2012 at 8:42 PM ^

shots on goal 19-4 ( wow 5-3 in usa's favor,at that time huh, LMAO , your educated, learn how to count )

corners -8-2

possession time 61-39 %

the team that outplays the other doesn't always win ! One moment of a game can determine everything


also, I have dual citizenship, know wtf your talking about

You sure sound like one of the Milwaukee Homers i see and hear all day here talking about how Ryan Braun is clean.

Then again your a Barca fan, so your cockyness doesn't surprise me


February 29th, 2012 at 8:48 PM ^

And as an Italian fan you should know the concept of parking the bus and protecting a lead. Mourinho exploited it to perfection with Inter against Barca and won the tie. If you're protecting the lead, you're not likely to increase your shot total. Shot total at the end of this game was irrelevant.


February 29th, 2012 at 8:53 PM ^

i agree, but up until that moment of the goal, italy was outplaying the USA.


thats the point i was making


Italy had one bad moment, which was the difference of the game

besides that they pretty much outplayed the uSa, prior to the goal and after



February 29th, 2012 at 8:59 PM ^

i do agree with the strategy of protection, especially as a team not having as much talent and being outplayed up til the goal.

i'm gonna leave it at that

just more pissed about my allegiance and being called a troll

I been an Italy soccer fan and a Cagliari fan for a long long long time.

The usa is my #2 international team

I am a passionate soccer fan, and losing today stung, but that shows how much i love the sport.

anyways, congrats on the win, and please beat the hell out of Mexico


February 29th, 2012 at 9:09 PM ^

yeah thats crazy, the year bayern went the the champions final, he was on fire.

when i was in europe a couple weeks ago, i watched a bayern game and they were getting destroyed, and i was like wtf happened..

but today, that england / netherlands game was a real treat to watch at the soccer bar

that 2nd half was great

that header was crazy and with the grass in his mouth