Urbs and his obsession with butts

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Meyer, using his rock-star status and amazing recruiting linguistic skills to land players, praises McMillian's rear-end to try and land him at OSU...it's just crazy enough to work




My favorite part: " until we get to the part where he talks to Urban Meyer, who apparently has a fascination with McMillan's rear end, and butts in general.He calls me "Bubble." That's because he said I have a linebacker butt."



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I want to spend a few hours sitting in my living room with Meyer so I can find out what exactly it is that is so appealing about the guy.  It is one of the great mysteries of the universe.


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This is not meant to be a comment on religion, but he reminds me of an out of touch pastor trying to identify with youth.  They may have a lot of good information to share, but they have no idea how to relate it effectively.  I think Meyer is trying to build credibility by making "hip" comments (I know nobody uses him anymore, give me a break) but it just comes off as awkward and sort of creepy.  He seems like the kind of guy that exudes confidence outwardly but is really insecure.

Edit:  I think he's a successful recruiter at Ohio because of the school, his coaching record, putting players in the NFL, and his system. I think most recruits would go there in spite of his personality and not because of it.


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If my dad called me "bubbles" when I was in high school, I'd have tried to get emancipated. There are some things that just set off alarms for me and inappropriate jokes about a person's anatomy, especially a minor, are one of them. Do I think Urban has a sexual attraction to HS boys? No. Do I think he choses really unfortunate jokes and phrases sometimes? Definitely. I was just speculating about why someone who seems to have it all together can seem so far out in left field sometimes.


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I played sports and to me a butt slap is a motivating/congratulatory thing and not sexual at all. Even if there were an openly gay player on my team, I wouldn't take it sexually.  Also, I said that I don't think Meyer has sexual issues regarding recruits.  I'm just saying that a pattern is developing of Urban making off color jokes or references like this and I'm just wondering why. He is starting to come off as the nerdy guy trying to fit in with the jocks. Maybe it's just me seeing the world through OSU hating glasses, but he just seems a little flaky to me.  


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When I hear Urbs is up to his usual, I assume "gifts", talking shit about Michigan et al., pulling schollies. This is just weird, which is humorous, but not what I was expecting

Jehu the Damaja

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What a weird dude. I would be cautious letting him in my house if I was Raekwon's parents.

BTW If his nickname isn't "The Chef", then his parents have failed miserably with that name choice.


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Its one thing to think it, and probably the same to look for it when you're evaluating talent, but its a completely different thing to actually go on record saying it.  

Thanks for the fodder, Urbs.


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Urbs' recruiting system is bold and innovative - name drop Tim Tebow, Percy Harvin and Brandon Spikes in every conversation, and correlate some aspect of every recruit in front of him to Tim Tebow, Percy Harvin and Brandon Spikes.

I heard he woo'ed a DT in Texas with the fact that the kid's eyes were the same color as Tebow's and he had the same way of laughing as Harvin.

We have no chance against a recruiter of this magnitude.


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I know you're a Buckeye fan (or the weirdest contrarian Michigan fan ever), and you have a point about some people's Urb obsession, but you have to admit that if Brady Hoke were doling out nicknames to recruits based on the shape of their asses the Eleven Warriors message board would have some fun with it.

Darth Wolverine

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Don't call him "Urbs" or "Urbz." If you do, put it in quotation marks. Buckeye losers use that as a term of endearment and we do not endear Meyer. This is just as bad as a M fan using a lower case "t" as a substitute for the word "the," which I cannot stand. That is a lame Ohio thing to do and M people should not be doing that.

Silly Goose

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Hoke has mentioned in recruiting that he looks at a lot of shoulders and a lot of butts. Pretty common if you are looking at the frame of a player.


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If this kid does commit to Ohio, LSU freak could create a creepy version of the hot tub scene from "Back to School".  I'll keep it SFMK and just say "What's a hot tub without bubbles?  Hey bubbles, get over here!". I miss Rodney.