Urban says: Coach lies, Coach should be done

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On ESPN (link here).

Money quote:

"If you intentionally lie about committing violations, your career is over," Meyer said during a call-in radio show on 97.1 The Fan in Columbus. "You're not suspended for two games (or) some of the silly penalties you have, you can't talk to a recruit for a week and a half or something like that. No. You're finished. That will clean up some things."

Hard to disagree. Wonder what ol' Sweatervest thinks of that?



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I met Tressel twice at public outings here in Ohio where I was either wearing Michigan gear or was visably supporting Michigan and he was gracious and spoke to me directly about Michigan and was very respectful and complimentary about our school.

Further I sit on the Board of Directors for University of Akron's Business School program and through that role I've had many chances to work both with him and for him on projects pertaining to the University.   And I watched how he dealt with people and how he was percieved by others and it was universally positive.

Easy to make a villian out of somebody you dont know.  Hell racists do it every day based on somebody's color of skin, religion or sexual preference.  Harder to do when you actually know somebody as a person and not a cartoon figure.

He's a good person-he's not a perfect person.  He made some big mistakes and lost the job he loved because of it.  

Oregon Wolverine

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Tressel had developed quite a reputation at Youngstown State, and not just as a successful coach. Plenty about it by asking the Google. Cheater.

I thought w/the substantial upgrade to Bucks he'd be able to focus on a clean program, but alas not true. Tattoo-gate is not an aberrant incident in an otherwise honorable career.

What I don't get is the Bucks don't need the cheater approach, but I guess it's part of who they are.


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So I did the Google search per your suggestion (Jim Tressel Youngstown State & Jim Tressel Youngstown State Cheating) and the ONLY hit that matched was this Bleacher Report article http://bleacherreport.com/articles/220143-jim-tressel-the-youngstown-st… written in 2009 by the guy who hosts the stie "Sports Chat Place" Mitch Wilson.  I can find zero credentials for Mr. Wilson and if you read his article in Bleacher Report you'll see zero evidence of anything other his supposition on how Tressel MUST'VE known something.

Just for fun I also Google seached "Jim Harbaugh Stanford Cheating and Jim Harbaugh Michigan Cheating" and I've got bad news for you.  If you believe that one tin-foil hat dude that wrote the hit piece on Tressel you're really going to be upset when you see there are 10 times that many wack-jobs writing the same type of hit pieces on Harbaugh. https://www.google.com/search?q=Jim+Harbaugh+stanford+cheating&oq=Jim+H…

But hey....I dont believe the shit Alex Jones says either and I know there are lots and lots of crazy people who do.


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I'm sure he's a not some monster, but what he did at OSU wasn't some one-off moment of weakness.  He systematically failed to comply with a number of rules regarding player compensation and illegal benefits (seemingly for years), apparently hid this information from the school compliance department, then lied repeatedly when asked about prior knowledge.  Only when it was independently veried that he knew about them months in advance did he cop to it.

And I won't even get into similar issues that happened when he was the coach at YSU.

Again, he's not the worst person in college football by a long shot, but "he was a nice guy to me at some charity events" doesn't ignore the realities of him lying repeatedly at his job and then trying to cover it up.  


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When he took over Ohio State, he made a strong effort to refocus the players and the fans on being proud of Ohio State, instead of just blind hatred of Michigan.  This is in contrast to Woody Hayes, who very much focused everyone on blind hatred for Michigan (and generally everyone and anyone in the way of OSU football).  The tone from the players noticably changed while he was there (with heaping dollops of hatred and meat-headed behavior, to be sure), and I think it is percolating through to the fans.  I recall that many MGoBloggers who attended last year's game in Columbus remarked on how much more polite and friendly the OSU fans were than they expected.


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At the heart of it everyone is the same. We all want to acheive things, have good relationships with people, etc.   Everyone thought OJ was a good person except for the stuff about beating and eventually killing his wife.  Ava VonWhat'sHerFace loved Hitler.    Cheating at football or basketball isn't the same as murder or genocide, but when you decide to repeatedly cheat, you are somewhere on the slippery slope to being a bad person.    (That's also why the concept of redemption is so powerful.  We're all on the slippery slope and we want a mechanism to get back on top and be clean.  )



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about violations, and you come clean, then you get the ticky tack slaps on the wrist???

How about stiffer punishments for all coaches, programs, ADs, etc. for being found to have committed penalties?