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Details on Urban Meyer's special dinner with Hilliard, Harris, Cornell, etc #crootin pic.twitter.com/yU6DkHKnx1

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Really sucks if these kids are eating this up the way this guy says they were. Not surprising from urban though.



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The unethical part is him lying to these kids. How exactly does the Michigan coaching staff fault the players and not themselves for their losses? And yeah, they're recruiting similar talent now, but Urban inherited a loaded team whereas after 2011 Hoke had essentially nothing. It's both unethical and just a shallow thing to do, but this is par for the course for the "Jesus of Ashtabula" and Ohio State Football as a whole.


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Meyer is not "just pointing to the numbers" - far from it. In the example (which may or may not be true) Meyer is speculating about the level of trust the coaches put in the players and the level of blame the coaches assign to the players vs themselves. This is pure speculation on Meyer's part yet he doesn't disclose that with a qualifier. That is misleading to the kids. That is not the same thing as saying "well we won 24 straight and they are not nearly so successful".

As an aside, Borges blaming "execution" in press conferences is one source of fuel for Meyer's speculation (assuming he really said that stuff). It's a leap to go from what Borges said to what Meyer is claiming but it's another reason for coaches to be very careful what they say to the media.


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Assuming this is true, I have no problem with him pointing out that we're 7-5 or whatever troubles we had on the field. For him to question the Michigan coaches' trust in the players is completely out of line though. He has no fucking clue what goes on inside our lockerroom and he should really keep his fucking mouth shut about it.


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While I'm sure Urban is consistently being a douche because that's just his general personality, we pretty much negative recruited ourselves the last two seasons, particularly 2013. Best way to combat it is to have a good 2014, beat OSU and MSU and look good doing it. Can't stop the lies or half truths perpetuated by some coaches.


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1. He told Darryl Stonum that the Carr coaches told him that Stonum would never succeed under RR.  Stonum asked the Carr staff whether this was true, and they of course said it was not.

2. He told DT Sharif Floyd that he had a dream in which he died on the sideline coaching Floyd.  He then told Floyd, more-or-less, that dying while coaching him was worth it. 


You can argue that shame is a handicap. 

Everyone Murders

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Through an open records request I was able to get a transcript of that conversation: 

Urban M. - I had a dream about you last night, Sharif.

SF - What?

Urban M. - Well, I dream about you every night.  But last night's dream seemed so ... real.

SF - Uhhmmm, OK.

Urban M. - Sharif, do you believe that sometimes people share the same dream?

SF - Uh, I don't know anything about that coach.

Urban M. - Well, in my dream last night, you were lined up against Michigan.  Your uniform fit ... perfectly, and there was a glimmer in your eyes.

SF - Uh Coach, you don't need to tell me this.

Urban M. - I want to.  Anyway, you burst through Michigan's line, every muscle in your body pumped, and brought down Devin Gardner.  Gardner burst into a cloud of smoke, as did the rest of Michigan's team.  There was the sound of harps, and Woody Hayes appeared and told me it was time to join him.  I was dead, but I was also happy.

SF - Whoah.

Urban M. -  Did you have the same dream, Sharif?

SF - No - I had a dream where JoePa yelled at me and the rest of the world maniacally seething "Come to Penn State!!!"

Urban M. - Oh.


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All this does is confirm what we all knew was probably happening all along. And honestly? In a weird way, this helps Michigan,because we don't want the sorts of kids who are so easily swayed by that BS to come here anyway.


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For adding some quotes to the 2014 Michigan football bulletin board. (If, in fact, they're true.)
No one’s putting Brady Hoke in the upper echelon of college football coaches.  He wasn’t Michigan’s top choice to replace the coach who’d established one of the worst three-year records in Michigan football history during the 2008 through 2010 seasons.  At best, he was the fourth choice behind Les Miles, Jim Harbaugh and Greg Schiano.  He hasn’t had much success as a head coach.  His overall winning percentage as a head coach is .537, and his teams have won only two of the five bowl games in which they’ve played.
Brady Hoke’s teams at Michigan have gotten progressively worse.   From a casual observer’s perspective, he doesn’t appear to be very engaged on the sidelines during games.  And he’s probably sitting on at least a lukewarm seat, if the seat’s not extremely hot.
But from most of what I've seen and heard, Brady Hoke is a decent man who's passionate about the University of Michigan and who respects and cares for his players and wants them to succeed every bit as much, if not more than Urban Meyer.  And where's all the evidence that Michigan coaches only blame the players?  I've often heard Brady Hoke and his coaches say something like, "We've got to do a much better job as coaches."  Rarely, if ever, have I heard or read that Michigan's coaches only place blame on the players for Michigan's lack of success during their years on the Michigan sidelines.
Urban Meyer didn’t have to sink that low to insult another one of his conference coaches.  All of those young men at that dinner probably have been surfing the Internet and communicating with other elite recruiting prospects.  They probably know that Michigan football has experienced a long period of decline and that other elite recruits in their class have decommitted from or simply passed on Michigan.
Instead of bad-mouthing Michigan, kicking a program when it’s down and saying that the Michigan coaches only blame the players for Michigan’s lack of success, couldn’t he have accomplished the same result by taking a more subtle dig at Michigan?  He could’ve said something like:
I know you’re considering other schools, and there are other good programs and coaches in the Big Ten and around the country.  We think that we’re the best, and we want to continue our record of success and continue to dominate other Big Ten schools that believe they can compete with us and rival our success.  We want you to be part of that success.
I also know that some of you are considering a school that was pretty good in football in the 1970s (carefully ignoring Michigan’s success in the 80s and 90s), but lately has been better known for its basketball and gymnastics programs and its Olympic ice dancers.  I just want to give you a look at how Ohio State has been dominating that school on the football field.
And then, if he’d shown his video, he wouldn’t have had to say anything more about how bad he thinks it would be for those recruits to play for Michigan.  He could’ve saved face with his fellow conference coaches, without having to make the “bulletin board quotes” that Michigan players and coaches now have for the 2014 season.
Of all years, this would be one in which it would be great for the Michigan football team to rub it in on Urban Meyer’s team on November 29 in Columbus and make Urban Meyer eat those words.


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My recollection might be faulty, and it's probably based more on having read much of what was being written on this board about the other coaches who were being considered at the time.  

I'd thought that the Les-Miles-to-Michigan story got the earliest buzz because of Kirk Hirbstreit's revelations; and then, after Les Miles debunked that rumor, I thought that much was being written about turning to Jim Harbaugh, and later to Greg Schiano, before the Brady Hoke decision was made.

I don't know the man, but I hope he succeeds in restoring glory to Michigan football; and I've liked Brady Hoke ever since this moment:



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Is there anyone on this site that isn't delusional? One who even knows if this is a true story. There's a picture of a Facebook message, tweeted by a guy with a twitter account of like 100 followers. Secondly, if it is true, he didn't lie. I saw someone earlier say yeah we recruit the same talent but he had to deal with Rich Rods players and that's why we went 7-6. What about the 11-2 season? Is it so wrong to actually see that it's been a steady decline since Hoke got to Michigan? And also whoever posted UM winning by 14 in Columbus this year, I'll meet you down there in November and we can bet any amount of money you would like and I'll gladly take 14 points.

Big Mike

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He realizes that Michigan is a threat, and that the only thing Ohio State has on Ann Arbor is their record. He needs to talk down Michigan as much as he can too make that armpit of Columbus seem reasonably near the beauty and prestige of the University of Michigan. Atleast that's my guess..


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Meyer turned Tebow into an NCAA rule violator and criticized UF for having character problems in their players.   He neglected to mention that these players were the ones that he himself had recruited.  Or that they included recruits he had previously lied to, when he claimed he was staying at UF, then left.  Or that he claimed health issues for dumping the team, but then took a similar HC job a year later.  

Character issues, in his players?  Pot meet kettle.

And if he wants to criticize UM now for a lack of trustworthiness, the guy really needs to look in the mirror.

Perkis-Size Me

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Call facts what they are. Facts. We went 7-6. We had a shitty season. But to call out the coaching staff like that is a lowlife scumbag move. And I'd expect no less from a slimeball like Meyer.


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I'd like to know if Hoke used the same talking points when OSU went 7-6 just before Meyer showed up.  I'm guessing not, but who knows.  

That said, it's the reality of recruiting.  I'd be surprised if other teams didn't point out UM's struggles.


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Is there a point when negative recruiting such as this could constitute slander to a University/program..... Seems like some things said are intentionally damaging to someones reputation (in this case the UofM football program) and if statements made are anything but 100% true, they could be look at as slanderous. 


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really say anything that wasn't true despite being a dick. However, this is reason #1,455,547,371 to either BACK AFUGGIN BRINK'S TRUCK to either Harbaugh house, apologize (if Jim, just do it even if you don't feel you have to)and beg. OR......say "fugyou" to the lineage and just give that cash to the best coach who will take it. IS THIS MICHIGAN? Yes. Yes, it is. We have the money so go buy a guy that will knock this dude's ass out on the field. His offense is old by read option standards. His defense is truly just good players paying defense. We have good players, too. And we can get more with a guy that belongs at Michigan. Nothing in Hoke as he was/is right....this is MICHIGAN. Pay someone so much they can't say no. I can't do another decade of this, lol.


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despite Bo having been full of fire. At some point, like him or not, Carr changed what it means to be a HC at Michigan. Apparently, you sit quiet as your main rival doors everything in their power to make you their bitch. It's gentlemanly. It's what a "Michigan Man" does.....just don't tell Bo's ghost.

Mr. Yost

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An Urban recruit just got released from the NY Giants.

So what you say?

Well, it's his 4 failed drug test...which in the NFL means like it's his 14th, but 4th public one.

So what you say?

I agree, couldn't care less...except it's Will Hill!

You forgot Will Hill?

Let me refresh you to the only thing better than the Fuck Lion.




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yesterday and said there was a parent of a high end recruit that Michigan and Ohio State were both very heavily recruiting. The parent said they couldn't stand Urban Meyer and Sam's comment was that Ohio State can write this recruit off. I guess you have to look at McDowell and say that may not be true but this parent despised him.

A number of names crossed my mind, Harris, Clark, Weber, Cornell. It will be interesting to see if someones top list changes soon.

But the other comment was an insinuation that the Urban thing is wearing thin in Ohio which is why they have all of 3 recruits giving verbals at this point.