Urban Meyer Stepping Down

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7000 threads on this start now. Reported on ESPN during Meineke Car Care Bowl with supposed confirmation from Florida's AD.

I'm calling to be Offensive Coordinator at Notre Dame.


Wolverine In Exile

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1) Just goes to show you how good we had it in Ann Arbor from 69-2008. Even Jeebus's chosen program will have a fall from grace due to injuries, recruitment scandals, coaching changes, or ill advised health issues (see: Eagles & Dick Vermeil in early 80's allows rise of Gibbs/Parcells/Ditka). As awesome as Florida was, this was a 5-year run. Ths was proceeded by multiple years of the Zooker.

2) I am REALLY hoping we (A^2 family) get behind RichRod now, 'cause Jeremy Foly is just the type of shrewd SOB who would plant the seed to try and steal RR to Florida (hey your fanbase doesn't like you, we already have your spread offense players, you can recruit Florida in a 5-min car ride, we'll pay you Urban's salary, etc etc etc). Otherwise, Florida's possibly in a world of hurt as the top candidates that would fit the bill are gone, so they're going to have to poach another excellent coach from an established job (think Bobby Petrino's agent already bought the untraceable cell phones in bulk from Wal-Mart?), which while good for coaching UF, pisses away all the good will Urban has built up for Florida in the coaching / recruiting community.

Let the blood drip into the shark tank begin.

Also, heartfelt prayers to Meyer & his family. I'll be naive and believe that there really is a health problem, possibly the brain cyst, possibly something related to the dehydration he was hospitalized with after the SEC championship game.

And finally, you now need no more proof that Saban IS the Anti-Christ.

The Original Seth

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number one is wrong
they aren't on a five-year tear

they're on a twenty-year tear

check this bad boy out: 196-56 (Florida's record)

for the purposes of reference, MIICH's record during the last twenty years is 179-64

goodt, but not Florida's

and in that stretch, Florida's got three national championships (2 BCS)

Michigan's got one

Let's not get ahead of ourselves

MMB 82

December 26th, 2009 at 8:05 PM ^

is still pretty damn scary. As a human being, I hope he is alright. In the meantime, UF will land a great coach, and I am sure RR isn't going anywhere (no proof, just gut speculation).


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that Meyer is positioning himself to be ready to take the Michigan job if RR doesn't last beyond 2011. I would think that the more rabid of the anti-RR faction would latch onto this out of desperation and insane hope.


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I don't want to go through all the threads, so reply to this thread and let me know which threads to keep and which to nuke.

3... 2... 1... GO!


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I don't always agree with how he runs his program but he's a hell of a coach. This decision had to be difficult for him, especially given the recent success he's had.