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He didn't watch any film from last year on purpose.  Wanted to give guys benefit of the doubt, doesn't care what happened before

Biggest thing is recruiting.  Entire staff worked extremely hard on recruiting.  Best thing is you are selling Michigan.

It's not about scheme.  He's has pleanty of schemes.  It's about teaching fundamentals.  They are teaching fundamentals from day 1.

Don't try to be a cross country runner, go after the tackle.



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Opens with Urban singing Mattison's praise and why he hired him in 05 in Florida: coaching and recruiting.

On how long to get Michigan d back: made an effort not to watch last years film, wanted to give guys benefit of doubt. Doesn't care what happened in the past. He knows how it's supposed to be done and will get it done.

On recruiting: doesn't know of a staff that has worked harder. Easy because you are selling Michigan.

How to get d back on track: teach fundementals and it's not scheme. Coming from the Ravens, he has all the scheme you want. That's not the answer. The answer is starting from day one with every fundemental. Biggest problem is that guys there want to please the coach and just take off running. Don't try to be a cross country runner, run to make tackle, so a lot of focus on angles.

Video of a couple drills and lot of huddeling.

EDIT: Wow too slow


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"The great thing is you're selling Michigan, because that's not hard to recruit. Because we're going to win." Greg Mattison, talking to Urban Meyer (who, it's worth pointing out yet again, hired Mattison as DC at Florida before winning those NC's because he's one of the best in the game)