Urban files complaint to B1G

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I didn't see this posted yet, not really sure if it's post worthy. But apparently Urban has filed a complaint to the B1G about the whole "eye gouge" incident. I tend to lean more towards the side of this type of thing being pretty prevelant in the trenches, and no action should really be taken. However I do think it IS pretty "Bush League," as that idiot Matt Millen put it on CFB Live.


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Wasn't it a few years ago that an OSU guy was trying to choke the WI QB in a pile and that was caught on tape?  I know Urban was not coach at the time, but it is interesting how issues like these seem to erupt with MSU and OSU players every year or two.


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Good to bring it up, if for no other reason than to keep people on their toes.  This probably happens more times than not in piles, but still, going for the eyes seems unnecessary.


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But that doesn't make it right.  I have a buddy who played o-line for Northwestern in the nineties and he used to tell me stories about mangling opponents fingers in the pile... sometimes with your teeth.  He claims that Michigan was always the worst offender of "dirty play" in the pile, but he did say that it happens everywhere and in every game.


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Trying to poke someone's eye out is uncool, common or no. Needs to be repudiated where it is exposed. This is one of those issues where you get a strand of commentators saying suckitupmanbaw, etecetera--just no. If tha's your kid getting his eyes gouged you don't want it happening. And all those kids are Hoke's kids, Myer's, Dantonio's; they've got a responsibility to protect them, and not to let them do stupid shit.

Besides, how common can it be? I don't see alot of players with black eyes, gouged eyes, etcetera.


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I remember when one of Urbans guys did this at Florida he took such a hard line stance that he suspended him for a whole half of a game, only after it was on every media outlet that night and the next day. The player felt it was such a big distraction the he took himself out for the entire game. 

I agree it's wrong on both counts, but Urban is one of the last guys in the NCAA to complain about discipline. Ironically this is the one instance where he can, because Dantonio is THE last guy who can complain about it, lol


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clean out of its socket and swinging it around by the optic nerve like a trophy, and then flinging it into the student section. Are they not entertained?


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I think it's a big deal. That's not football it's trash. I don't care if a state player does it or a Michigan player even. This isn't pro wrestling or some underground fight league.


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NBC Sports did a nice little write-up on what they have termed "VIdeoGate" - (LINK)

The first sentence really does describe the tenor of what is going on between Dantonio and Meyer right now - "Ladies, please. You’re both beautiful."

That being said, even though NBC pointed out that the bottom of the pile is a "nasty place", and "what happens there tends to stay there", if you believe that you have evidence that something intentional was done, I don't have a problem with anyone sending the tape to the conference for review. Nothing may come of it, and in this case, it could very well be retaliation for the opposition's earlier complaint, but it's better potentially if you take this step regardless as trying to inflict life-altering harm on anyone should never be tolerated.

Having said this, wasn't Brandon Spikes accused of this at Florida back in 2009 when Urban Meyer was there? I think Meyer suspended him for a half. While not eye gouging, of course, I believe this is not the first time MSU has been caught on camera going  over the top, like when a certain DE punched Lewan....



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Appeared to be attempting to stick their fingers into each others' faces. As a hockey player though, I'm probably missing something.


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You know... all the shenanigans surrounding Moo U. and tUoOS from last weekend makes it seem like sparty is trying to manufacture a rivalry.  Sparty is *still* trying to be like Big Bro' by emulating our rivalry with tUoOS.  Sparty is not content to celebrate their accomplishments; they ALWAYS have to look to A2 for comparisons and validation.  Sparty is obsessed with trying to be just like us.


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As for this "stuff happens under the pile" line, I've heard of punches, broken fingers, and spitting, but not too often do you see guys exit the game after having their cornea scratched.  Eye gouging, just like Gholston's Denard head snap, is to me way beyond the bounds of any "part of football" conversation.  A punch can daze and a bone can mend, but MSU's behavior can lead to permanent, life altering disabilities. If I'm NCAA or BiG I suspend both MSU linemen (since you can't tell which one it was) for at least 3 games.


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My Dads friends would always talk about stuff going down in pile ups but when I played HS football nothing ever happened to me other than I was spit on once.