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Submitted by robo on February 12th, 2019 at 7:51 AM

This is my very first Post , but have been online with this blog for years, would love some feedback ,how my wife and I could purchase 2 seats in the new upper deck at Michigan for any game including the first game of the year?


East Quad

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There are club level seats:


The club level at Michigan Stadium is located above the east sideline (where the visitors bench is located). Holding over 3,000 seats spread across two levels, the club level features chair backs, access to an indoor climate controlled lounge, premium concessions, and private bathrooms.. These sections are very small, with only 5-8 rows per section.

The west side of the stadium now features the Westside Chair Back Club. This newly developed club is located in the footprint of the old press box. If you’re looking for an actual seat with a chair back, but don’t want to break the bank, then the Westside Chair Back Club is perfect for you. These are the most affordable premium seats in the stadium.

Chalky White

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My dad was invited to the Provost's suite. I think it was Brady Hoke's first season against WMU. They served us Coney dogs and there was no booze. Looking through the window, I saw people in the suite next to us eating sausage and Mac and cheese. The name on that door plate looked like it was a Portugese name. I assumed it was a Brazilian company.

My dad also has access to EMU's suite area. They had much better food and from what I could tell, they did have beer.

East Quad

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Just send $10,000 to me in small unmarked bills and I will sell you two upper deck seats in Michigan Stadium.

I have some beautiful swampland in Florida to sell, too.

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Bando Calrissian

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The common consensus, since those seats went in during the early 00s, is that they're generally inferior across the board. The sight angles are weird. The reason so many sat empty for so long wasn't just that many didn't sell, but that a lot of people who held them also had tickets down below and actively chose to stay down there. The only advantage was the food.

But, hey, YMMV.


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Stubhub. I assume you mean football and not the upper deck in Crisler or Yost? I've been given tickets up there for various games; great when the weather is bad but not very great to watch the game. You feel so far back. If you're buying them, I'd save the money and get great seats in the bowl. Just my opinion though. 


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Technically, they are not supposed to be listed on StubHub. There is a Club seat ticket exchange that you are supposed to use, where you give your ticket back to the U (for free) and then someone else who is club level can buy that ticket. You can give the tickets to other people, but you aren't supposed to resell them. It was a huge problem during the Rich Rod years, the club would be full of almost exclusively opposing team fans, so that is when the seat exchange was started. 


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