UPDATED: Laquon Treadwell visiting for Spring Game

Submitted by BostonWolverine on April 13th, 2012 at 12:56 PM

Seeing a series of tweets on this from Helmholdt, TomVH and Laquon himself about his Oklahoma visit being cancelled due to tornado. There seems to be a possibility that he'll be heading to Ann Arbor for the UM spring game.


Wont be going to Oklahoma its a tornado, so what now????

6'3 Gemini @SuccessfulQuon

Michigan Spring ????

UPDATE: Ace has confirmed with Treadwell that he will be in attendance.
Ace Anbender @AceAnbender

Just got confirmation from Laquon Treadwell (@SuccessfulQuon) via text that he will be at Michigan's spring game tomorrow.




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I think because Ty Isaac (or is it Isssac?) is taking some standardized test this weekend.  Saturday, specifically. 

Also, regarding a tornado in Pasadena:  Weather, of any kind, does not exist in Southern California.  The mountains get a little snow, but that's about it. 


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Ty Isaac is taking his official to the ACT this weekend.  ACT fans are cautiously optimistic as this is his first official, but he had a really good experience with the PSAT, and immediately named the SAT his leader.  He maintains that the ACT with join the SAT in his top group, along with a few unnamed AP tests. 


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Can we get an update on the Commits that are going to the Spring Game?? Lets hope the weather stays clear so they can get a great experience.. Also last yr at this time we were just getting Ringer.. Ross and RJS committed the nxt day I think.


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...but only for in-state recruits, not Issssac, who instead is taking some other test not  nesessaraly involveing the speling off hs name


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I read on a Scout board that there were rumblings in Ohio about Joey Bosa cancelling his trip to A2 in order to spend more time in Columbus. Is there anybody that can substantiate or refute this rumor?