UPDATED: Laquon Treadwell visiting for Spring Game

Submitted by BostonWolverine on April 13th, 2012 at 12:56 PM

Seeing a series of tweets on this from Helmholdt, TomVH and Laquon himself about his Oklahoma visit being cancelled due to tornado. There seems to be a possibility that he'll be heading to Ann Arbor for the UM spring game.


Wont be going to Oklahoma its a tornado, so what now????

6'3 Gemini @SuccessfulQuon

Michigan Spring ????

UPDATE: Ace has confirmed with Treadwell that he will be in attendance.
Ace Anbender @AceAnbender

Just got confirmation from Laquon Treadwell (@SuccessfulQuon) via text that he will be at Michigan's spring game tomorrow.




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Ahhhh... I wondered where Treadwell was going to be this weekend.  Does anyone know where Isaac was planning on going this weekend?  Any chance he was also going to the Oklahoma Spring Game? 


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I like that his first thought was go to Michigan instead.  I think he's just enjoying the visits and secretly knows what he's going to do.  Also, when I saw this thread title, the first thing that popped into my head was Hoke pointing to the sky and bringing down a tornado, then I wondered why has there been no photoshop of Hoke in the Hand of God Sistine Chapel painting?  Has there been?  Google doesn't show one and I don't know anything about photoshop.


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Im at work so i had to use ms paint and it took  me waaay too long to do it.  At home I have gimp (freeware version of photoshop) and it would have been a lot easier, but I still suck at photoshop.   Don't look too closely at it either, you can see where I butchered the neck and the cherub's face on Hoke's left.  Someone with some real photoshop talents needs to do this.


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Dymonte Thomas will also be taking the ACT.  Him and Fox are two guys in this class that I would like to see on campus as much as possible.  Dymonte just because of the heavy ohio influence and his cousin being there.  And Fox just because he seems like one of the more quiet guys in the class and furthest away.  This class seems to be bonding on all levels and that is the one hope of keeping them all together come signing day, which in years past, has been almost impossible.


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Yes and that makes me happy.  He is very highly rated but is kindof under the radar because he keeps to himself.  Atleast in my eyes.  All of the other commits are talking (and recruiting others) on a daily basis.

Dymonte needs to be on campus every now and then to renew the excitement he experieced on his previous visits.  Don't get me wrong, he LOVES Michigan.  He is just in the heart of Buckeye country and has a very close friend and cousin in Dunn that's already on their roster.  I am optimistic that he will end up with Michigan, but I'm watching cloesly and will probably have a few scares before he signs on the dotted line.


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I know this hasn't been said yet...

...so I would like to point out that Ty Isaac is taking the ACT this Saturday.

The ACT is being taken by Ty Isaac.

Ty Isaac ACT.

Just in case you didn't know.