Updated ESPN Bball Recruiting Rankings - MM Drops Slightly, GRIII Near 5 Star

Submitted by matt D on January 24th, 2012 at 9:41 AM

ESPN has updated their basketball recruiting top 100 for 2012 - as expected McGary dropped from 5 star to 4 star(#21 player), while GRIII has shot up the rankings all the way to #26(very high 4 star), & Stauskus jumps slightly to #79(up from #83). Overall, I'm pleased to say the least, when was the last time we were able to bring in 2 top 30 players? Coach B has done a great job in all phases of coaching.




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His stats don't seem that great, but he still seems to have all of the physical tools to be a great player.  I mean he plays on a great team that doesn't need him to just dominate in every phase of the game, so i guess I was just curious.


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I think he had a bad showing on a national stage. First, he didn't start due to "lack of effort" in the days prior to the game. Second, he was not the most impressive player in that game, and that is often times all the people on these sites are able to see as far as live game action goes. He will be great for us no matter what star rating he has. Yesterday everyone was as excited as ever for this kid, and now one (maybe more) site knocks him down the rankings and people's opinions change.


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He's been disappointing in several high profile events this fall.  It's actually really strange.  He went up against a number of these same guys during the AAU season and was the best player on the court (he had a great showing against Nerlins Noel during the summer, for example).  


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Mitch McGary did not look like a top 5 player in that televised game on ESPN.  BUT he does have a high motor and once he is on a team that actually runs plays, he will benefit greatly.  


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That is what ESPN has him listed as.  Rivals and Scout have him at 6"10" 250 and 245 respectively.  Seeing film on him his is no way only 225. 


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I didn't neg you because your idea seems to be common around here, and I think more people need to learn this:

I second the point on Telep.  ESPN is the best at bball recruiting.  Not at FB, but when it comes to BBall, they are surely the best. 


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It's pretty crazy when your high school team is far better than your AAU team. It's almost always the exact opposite. His AAU team runs more stuff around him, but his high school team doesn't play as a team at all. Basically, Brewster's guards and wings just go iso and don't work the ball around. Not to worried about the drop. MM will be very good in a team offense. Good passer, great on the boards, lots of defensive effort, and not afraid to body up in the post.


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Why would you brag about recruiting, anyway? MSU has better basketball recruiting, and will for the foreseeable future. You've won three in a row; brag about that, because that's something to brag about. I don't understand the mgoblog mindset that recruiting is more important than actual wins and losses.


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that 6' 10 guys aren't 4's in Beilein's sytem (ive argued extensively against Horford as getting PT at the 4), I think McGary can be either a 4 or 5 for Beilein.

Just comparing him to Smotrycz, I think he is quicker and has a better handle than Evan.  I also think he will be a passable (>30%) 3 point shooter.  He seems to have experience playing on the perimeter and he should be able to adapt to all of the screening and cutting actions of a JB 4 man.

I anticpate we will see starting lineups of both McGary/Smot and JoMo/McGary next year depending on the opponent.


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Why does it feel like ESPN would drop Shabazz Muhammad out of their top ten if he signed with Michigan, too?

In other news, Arizona's class looks quite impressive: 4,8,9, and 35.  All they need now is a catchy name.


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And yet ESPN has continually vaulted GR3 up their rankings, all while being a Michigan commit.  Give me a break, man.

Furthermore, ESPN basketball recruiting is the best of the bunch.  Much better than Rivals.


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I don't care if McGary scores a ton while he's here. I'm just hoping he provides rebounding and energy, which is what he seems to always provide even in his "unimpressive" games. So I'm fine. He was rated in the top 5 on potential, not production, anyways. Still think he can be a great player.


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#halol at those who are "disappointed" with McGary.   He's a hell of a talent who was ranked as high as #2 in the country.  I don't care if ESPN drops him to a 2 star because of a crappy high school season.  He tore it up in AAU and that's some tough competition.

Can't wait til he gets to campus along with the others.

Mr. Yost

January 24th, 2012 at 11:03 AM ^

I don't know why people continue to say it's ESPN. They drop McGary, because he goes to Michigan...yet they almost make GRIII a 5* player.

The conspiracy stuff doesn't even make sense.

McGary will be fine, he, like 99.9% of the guys out there with NBA Level Talent need some coaching to get to the next stage. IMO, he seems slightly disinterested and ready to get to college.

He'll have Michigan's returning players and his good friend Trey Robinson.

Robinson is reminding me more and more of Hardaway Jr., I don't think THJ leaves after this year, but if he did...Robinson could come in and have the same type of freshman impact.

This team to me is SCARY next year with Burke, Hardaway, GRIII, McGary and Morgan.

The main problem, the same one we have today...we have no backup point guard. Burke will again have to do too much and when we face pressure teams like Arkansas, we'll need to PG's on the floor.


The issue with next year isn't a 4* McGary vs. a 5* McGary...it's finding a 2nd ball handler.


January 24th, 2012 at 11:12 AM ^

We will be a much bigger and more athletic team next year but with only one true point guard.  Someone has to develop into a better ball handler.  Brundigde or Staukas may be the best options we will have unless Hardaway can channel some of his father's game into his.