Updated ESPN Basketball Draft Board (Paywalled)

Submitted by tigers17fan on May 2nd, 2013 at 11:47 AM

ESPN updated their draft board and Burke is up to #5. They believe there is a very real chance he could go #1 overall if either the Magic, Kings, Pelicans or Jazz get the top overall pick. Here's to hoping he continues climbing and gets to #1!

Their basis for rankings is off of what they are hearing from GM's

Also of note, Hardaway checks in at #43, one spot behind Deshaun Thomas





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Agreed. Put Burke at the 1 and a rotation of Knight and Stuckey at the 2 (lets face it, neither of them are point guards no matter what they say). Who cares about the 3 and then Drummond and Monroe at the 4 and 5.

Burke could run the offense but Knight and Stuckey would provide a very good handler/distributer at the shooting guard position. I think that would work great with our two bigs


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Ford as the possible players that could go to the Pistons as (nothing factual of course):


Ben McLemore, Otto Porter, Anythony Bennett, CJ McCollum, and Shabazz Muhammed.

I really think the Pistons are looking for a 2-4 position right now, rather than a PG.

If the Pistons were to get a good draft pick and get a nice free agent signing (has plenty of cap room), they could probably at make the playoffs next season.  Unfortunuetly, I don't trust Joe D anymore.


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Yeah I guess being picked in the lottery would mean that Burke would still be playing for a lesser team and the pistons don't really have a true point. I see your point but with or without Trey I don't really like Detroit's prospects in the near future so I would rather he go elsewhere.

I mention Oladipo since he plays great D and has a great NBA upside. These are things the pistons are currently lacking in their backcourt


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They got a nice building blocks that could compete for the championship. Moose is one of the top 10 C in the league. He has improved steadily since he was a rookie. Andre Drummond is an instant mpact player despite his inexperience and the fact he is only 19. Drummond will be a star and has the potential to be the top C in the league. He is basically impossible to guard as a roll man with his size, strength and freakish athleticism.

Trey Burke would fit in well with the Pistons especially with Drummond on pick and roll. Knight, Stuckey and Bynum aren't long term answer at PG.


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Two things, Pelicans is awesome, they could have some cartoonish logo and idk its better than "Thunder" and "Jazz" and "Kings". Most NBA team names suck.

How is TMJ rated so close to Deshaun Thomas?


Mr. Rager

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You do know the history behind the Jazz nickname right?  A team from New Orleans that had it, and somehow it stuck when the team moved to Utah?

Same thing with Minnesota / Los Angeles Lakers.  How many fucking lakes are there in Los Angeles?  


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I prefer any name over the pelicans. could you picture any team being intimidated by the pelicans? "oh no we're playing the pelicans. might as well not even try, we have no chance!"


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Ha yeah... "Oh noes, the Jazz are coming to town! They're going to lull us to sleep with their sweet jazz music, and then take advantage of us!" Or the 76'ers:

Guy #1: "Ahhhhhh!! Here come the 76'ers!!! They're going to...76...us!!!"

Guy #2 (as he's running away): "What does that even meannnn???"


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Except that Chicago used to be the meatpacking capital of the US and the Bulls first arena was like right next to the Chicago stockyards.  But yeah, other than their extremely cow centric past, Chicago has nothing to do with cows...


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I keep thinking about the pelicans from Finding Nemo. When they make their first pick, everybody at their table should go "mine! mine! mine! mine!"

Yes, I saw Finding Nemo. No, I'm not ashamed...it was a good movie.


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When I first read "Glen Rice Jr" my heart skipped a beat bc my mind somehow inserted "Glenn Robinson." It took me about 3 seconds too long to figure it out. I'm in a daze I guess.


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It's pretty clear that regardless of whether the Mastrov/Ranadine group or the Hansen group winds up owning the team it is going to be sold. Neither the Maloofs nor their front office is going to have anything to do with that team for much longer so that is not a concern at all. But yeah, the players on the team are not an ideal group to be around for Trey.


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Chad Ford posted something which will run through various lottery scenarios based on the NBA's current formula (HERE). It will show the current chances for each team and the available picks, and if you hit "Play Lottery" it will run a random draft scenario and show the potential order of selection for each pick. I ran it several times and the range in which Burke kept falling was the third to sixth pick based on the algorithm Ford used. It's an interesting exercise all the same.