Updated 2013 ESPN BB Rankings - Walton #39, Irvin #61, Donnal #65

Submitted by matt D on May 24th, 2012 at 1:19 PM

Can't give Coach B enough credit for the tremendous turnaround that has occured with the basketball program during his tenure. Thank you to ESPN for getting it right regarding Irvin as well - I have no idea what prevents Scout from placing Irvin in their top 100.




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I'm still slightly surprised to see Irvin that low and Donnal that high. I still think that Irvin endsd up being the highest rated out of the group and while I don't think they'll end up at quite the level of the 2012 class, they are still going to be a class good enough to help us contend in the Big Ten. Also further evidence that JB is a good evaluator of early talent as almost every recruit we've gotten early has had their stock increase afterwards. 


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I agree. Donnal's high school numbers weren't jaw dropping (most stat lines I saw had him aroung 10 and 8 or so), making his jump a bit of a surprise. Irvin, on the other hand, has been the best player on a very good AAU team. Seems to be leading on both ends of the court. Either way, I'll take an underrated stud any day.


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If you look at the total scores of alot of his games, there were a decent amount that ended up between 40-50. So his team wasn't filling it up a ton. But I believe the recruiting websites tend to value AAU ball more than the high school season. Most of the better players are playing on teams with a couple other d1 talents and against teams with the same whereas in high school, some kids never go up against another d1 kid for the entire year.


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where we are sitting at with a lot of our recruits. They are hovering at the level where they have quite a bit of talent but not too many one and done threats. It's always sexy to get those top 10 players but that just leads to too much turnover year to year. If you're UK and reload that type of talent all the time then it's a pretty good strategy but getting perpetual recruits in the 25-80 range will sustain our program as a contender each year.


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to compare the two classes. Albeit '12 Class is superb. Walton and Irvin will continue to rise. I believe Irving will finish the highest after all updates. Walton just contunues to amaze me with his performance (Triple-Double Kid).  And don't count out Austin.  All in all, I think this '13 class CAN turn out better than `12. Now imagining if THJ and Trey came back for '13. One hell of a team!!


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...WolverineNation piece ($) covering Michigan targets in ESPN's 2014 Super 60, Beilein's 2014 haul may be similarly impressive if he hits on two or more of these guys.

Among the targets:

  • SG Devin Booker, Moss Point, Miss./Moss Point, at 24
  • PF Keita Bates-Diop, Bloomington, Ill./University), at 45
  • SG Bryant McIntosh, Greensburg, Ind./Greensburg, at 50
  • SF Jae’Sean Tate, Pickerington, Ohio/Pickerington Central, at 54


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Your favorite part isn't that we have 3 top 75 players, but that MSU doesn't have any (yet)?  That's a sad statement and I am guessing they'll have their share by the time the class comes to a close.  Be happy about your own successes, not about others' downfalls.


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I think just about every recruit we've gotten early in the recruiting cycle ends up moving up later in the year. Smotz, GRIII, and Stauskas immediately ring a bell and even the 2013 guys are moving up this early on. I've almost come to expect it at this point


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Guys in top 50 have lower than 90 points - in past classes we had guys with over 90 points not even in the top 100.  Makes no substantive difference per se, but keep in mind when comparing to past classes.

Also, Nick Young at number 5 - are we SURE we don't want to start recruiting him a little harder?